Executive Board

The RHA Executive Board is composed of seven different positions, each serving different functions. Each Executive Board member is in charge of chairing a program as well as a sub committee. Executive board members are required to have 2 office hours a week as well as attend all general body, executive board and sub-committee meetings.

Carpenter Tower, Suite 119

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2019-20 Executive Board

President: Miracle Faller

Presidential Responsibilities include acting as a liaison between RHA and MUSG, presiding over all Residence Hall Association meetings, being a spokesperson for the organization, and chairing the executive board meetings. In addition the President is required to remain on campus during the summer before their term and work 10 hours a week in the RHA office.

Executive Vice President: Hannah Mauch

Executive Vice Presidential responsibilities include acting as Elections Commissioner during Fall and Spring Elections, organizing the annual blood drive, and stepping in for president if unable to fulfill his or her responsibilities.

National Communications Coordinator: Jalen Fox

The National Communications Coordinator is responsible for all communication between the organizations local, regional and national affiliations. They are responsible for assembling delegations that attend conferences and must go to said conferences to speak as the voice for Marquette Residence Hall Association. They are in charge of all affiliations, and submitting reports to the state and national office about the organizations status and programming.

Vice President of Administration: Jessie Gomez

Email: The Vice President of Administration is responsible for keeping accurate records of all organizational meetings. They must help with organization agendas and distribute all meeting minutes to each member of the organization. They are also in charge of taking attendance at each general body meeting.

Vice President of Finance: Rheanna Butler

The Finance Vice President is in charge of keeping accurate and up to date records of all monetary spending by the organization. They must maintain a ledger, an up to date budget and give a financial report at each organization meeting. They approve all expenditures and are in charge of making sure programs stay on budget.

Vice President of Marketing: Luis Navarrete

The Vice President of Marketing is in charge of all publicity distributed by the organization. They serve as a resource to all committees and event teams and help get the out about events and programs. They are also in charge of maintaining the web site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page.

Vice President of Outreach: Fiona Pack

The Vice President of Legislation works to ensure that the constitution is being followed, as well as Roberts Rules of Order. They act as office manager and preside over the Legislation committee when in session.