HALLoween 2020 is not cancelled! 

Starting Oct. 19th you can friend ‘Marquette RHA’ and trick or treat at our door, download the Treat Town app today and join us in some fun!

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Virtual HALLoween 2020

Through the TREAT TOWN app, your family can engage with RHA and the MU campus with the comfort of being at home. The app can be found on the Appstore, Android store or you can play from your web browser.

This app allows for a fun and safe virtual trick or treating experience this season with the ability to trick or treat, play games, decorate your door, create your own avatars and redeem candy points for real Mars Wrigley candy that will be shipped to your home.

HALLoween will begin on October 19, with the last day to participate on October 31.


Traditional HALLoween: FAQ and Forms

FAQ Sheet - English

Group Registration Form

Single Registration Form

Traditional HALLoween: For Parents

HALLoween is here! I know all those kids are already counting the days till they can fill themselves with candy. And guess what!? We have the perfect place for them to fill up and work off all that sugar in one place! HALLoween is an amazing trick or treating experience, filled with games, costumes, and of course candy. Student volunteers from each dorm will be setting up carnival games in the basement of the Alumni Memorial Union (AMU) so that the kids can play, win prizes, and have fun. Our gHosts (student guilds) will lead groups of trick or treaters to residence halls and take them around so that they can trick or treat at the dorms where the CHOs (Candy Hander Outers) will give them the candy they so desperately crave.

“This sounds super cool! How do I register?”

Great question! Registration will be on the second floor of the AMU from 2:45 to 4:45 p.m. Come on by any time between those two times!

“Is there an age requirement for our trick or treaters?”

There is! Kids between the ages of 4 and 12 can come participate in HALLoween.

“Very cool. I have some friends who are interested too, can I bring their kids as well?”

Of course you can! However, there must be one adult chaperone per every five kids, so bring your adult friends too!

“Where is the best place to park?”

The best place to park is the 16th Street Parking Structure on Marquette’s campus.

If you have any more questions regarding HALLoween, feel free to shoot us an email at marqrha@marquette.edu or give us a call at (414) 288-5851. We’re all very excited to see you in your awesome costumes! See you soon!

Traditional HALLoween: For Students

HALLoween is here! Get your candy ready or be prepared to be tricked by those crazy Milwaukee kids. RHA is looking for students like you to help make this the best HALLoween ever. “Sounds interesting, when is it?” HALLoween begins Oct. 30 at 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. “What do you need me to do?” Great question! We have a couple of positions that you could sign up for: 

C.H.O.: As a Candy Hander Outer (CHO) you will be where all the kids go to get delicious, life giving candy. You will be responsible for providing candy on the day of the event. Your job is to stay in your room and relax, hang out and wait for Trick-or-Treaters to come knocking on your door. When they do, you’ll get to hand out candy to all the excited kids! (No limit on the number of volunteers.)

Ghost: As a Ghost you will be leading troupes of children from dorm to dorm so that they can go Trick-or-Treating. As a Ghost you will also get a T-shirt to help legitimize your prestigious position. You will also receive some great training prior to the night of HALLoween! (Limit on volunteers so sign up fast!)

Carnivaleer: As a Carnivaleer, you will be hanging out with all the kids at the carnival, getting them jacked up and bouncing off the walls. You’ll help run carnival games, play games, and just have a great night playing games with kids! (No limit on the number of volunteers.)