OTM Categories

ANY person or program that has made a significant impact on your past month is eligible for an Of the Month Award! One winner per month can be chosen in each of these 15 categories.

To submit Of The Month awards for outstanding people and programs, go to http://otms.nrhh.org.

General Categories


Advisor: This category can be used to recognize RHA, NRHH, or hall/apartment council advisors for their contributions related to their role as an advisor. Advisors of student organizations outside the residence halls should be nominated as either institution or residence life faculty/staff.

Executive Board Member: All RHA, NRHH and hall/apartment council executive board members and RHA representatives can be nominated in this category. Executive board members of student organizations outside the residence halls should be nominated as first year students or students.

Institution Faculty/Staff: This category is for university faculty and staff who aid students in academics, such as professors, instructors, teaching assistants, counselors, and the like. These faculty members have contributed to bettering the Marquette community inside and outside of the classroom.

Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Any university employee who works in a residence hall is applicable for this category including Residence Hall Directors, maintenance/mechanic staffs, custodial staff, and desk receptionists. Resident Assistants should be nominated in the Resident Assistant category.

Resident Assistant: Resident Assistants who have gone above and beyond in their job duties.

First Year Student: Students in their first year at Marquette (this includes transfer students) who excel in adapting to a new environment within their residence hall. If the first year student is on RHA or their hall council, then they should be nominated in the executive board member category.

Student: Any individual enrolled as a student who does not fit into the executive board member, resident assistant, residence life faculty/staff, and/or first year student categories is eligible for the student category. This category recognizes students that have gone above and beyond in improving the Marquette community.

Student Staff Member: Any individual within a residence hall student staff position that has worked to create a positive experience for the residential community. This category is intended to recognize student staff members while these students are not working in the capacity of a Resident Assistant or Executive Board Member position.


Spotlight: Any individual who has benefited the Marquette community and is not eligible for any other category should be nominated for spotlight. Dining hall employees and guests to the university are two examples.



Organization: Formal student organizations that have benefited the Marquette community through programming, advocacy, fundraising, or through other means. RHA, hall/apartment councils, student organizations, or any other student group are eligible for this category.

Residential Community: Any community of students living in a university residence hall or apartment, (a floor or wing, for example), would fall into this category.


Program Categories

Community Service Programs help the community — whether it's going to a soup kitchen, having a food or clothing drive or raising money for a non-profit organization.

Diversity Programs celebrate and teach about our similarities and honor our differences.

Educational Programs are intended to teach about a topic, issue, or idea.

Passive Programs do not require anyone to actively run them, such as bulletin boards, newsletters, displays, and the like.

Social Programs have the purpose of bringing people together to do something fun.