How To Write OTMs

What about this past month made you feel welcomed at Marquette? Whatever person, program, or event that comes to mind is eligible for an Of the Month award!

Quick questions to ask before writing an OTM

For a person or group of people:

  • How has this person gone above and beyond during the month of nomination?
  • Are there specific examples?
  • How has this person made you feel "at home" at Marquette?
  • Are there other people or communities on campus who have benefited from the work of this individual?

For a program:

  • How has this program met the needs of students?
  • How was this program successful?
  • Would you like to see this program take place again in the future?
  • What are the positive effects of this program on Marquette’s campus?

Start Writing

  • Log on to
  • In the top, left-hand corner click the “General Category” or “Program Category” link, depending on which category you are writing for
  • Choose “Marquette University” for your University
  • Fill out the Nomination Form

Things to consider for your written answers

  • Be month specific! OTMs are only for the month of nomination, so information from September shouldn't be in a nomination for October.
  • Be concise! There are word limits on each form.
  • Be clear! You may know the great things your nominee did, but others might not. A confusing nomination probably won't be selected.
  • Give examples! Make sure your nomination contains examples, not just fluff.
  • Be detailed! Use dates (month specific, of course), locations and names to back-up your examples.
  • Complete the entire form! Be sure you fill in all blanks and answer all parts, especially on the program nomination.
  • Ask questions! If you don't have the answers for all parts, ask someone. Nominations don't need to be secret, and there is no harm in asking the nominee to help fill out the form, if necessary — especially on program nominations.
  • Be on time! Late nominations may not be considered. Nominations are due before 5 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month after the month you are writing for. For example, November OTMs are due on the first Thursday of December.
  • Proofread! Double-check the spelling, grammar, and content of your written nomination.

Email any questions you have to and a current NRHH member can review your nomination, answer a question or give you ideas of who/what to write a nomination for!