Controlled Substances


Instructions for Obtaining Controlled Substances Permits

Many useful anesthetics and analgesics (and euthanasia compounds) are controlled substances, requiring licensure from both the Wisconsin State Controlled Substances Board and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in order to purchase and possess them.


Controlled Substance Recordkeeping

Individuals who purchase controlled drugs are responsible to keep a log book of their use by each “ml”. Inventory records can be recorded on this 

Controlled Substance Usage InventoryWord Document

Investigators are responsible for checking their own drugs regularly to dispose of out-of–date drugs. The IACUC will also check drugs and log books during regularly scheduled tours to ensure that investigators are not using out–of-date drugs.


Standard Operating Procedure for Disposal of Outdated Controlled Substances:

  1. Complete Form 41 found on the U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration website.

    Click on Blank Form and follow the printing directions.

  2. Sign and complete the form. Call EH&S 8-8411 to arrange a time for pick-up of the substances. (Form 41 should be available at the time of the pick up.)
  3. Hazardous waste personnel will submit the original form to the DEA authorities, return a copy of the form to the researcher, and keep a copy on file for a record of the destruction.


Resource from the American Veterinary Medical Association




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