Protective footwear worn in the workplace is designed to protect the foot from physical hazards such as:

Foot Protection Determination

The initial step for assessing the need of personal protective equipment (PPE) is a hazard assessment. The assessment is an important element of a PPE program because it produces the information needed to select the appropriate PPE for any hazards present or likely to be present at particular workplaces.

What's Involved in Performing a Hazard Assessment?

Since this is a performance-oriented standard, employers must act in a reasonably prudent manner in determining when and how employees, who are exposed to foot injury hazards, are to be protected.

Determining Type of Footwear

Select protective footwear based on the hazard assessment. For example:

Even if protective footwear is not deemed necessary, employees should still wear sturdy shoes with nonskid soles. Sandals, sneakers or dress shoes may not be appropriate for many physical activities.


Mission Statement

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