Training Introduction

Employees who work with or are potentially exposed to hazardous chemicals receive initial training on the Hazard Communication Standard and the safe use of those hazardous chemicals using audio-visual materials and classroom type training.

Programs giving an overview of Hazard Communication may include any of the following videos:

Regular safety meetings should be used to review or add to the information presented in the initial training. Supervisors should refer to the various University web sites to assure that they are aware of updated policies and procedures and as a source of information.

Training Plan Emphasis

Supervisor Responsibilities

Supervisors must be aware of training programs offered by the University and attend refresher courses to provide additional employee training concerning workplace hazards when:

Resources Available

Video programs covering specific chemical hazards that are available to departments include:

Training Documentation

Documentation for Marquette University’s Hazard Communication Program is in the form of a self test with a passing grade (70%) and is included in each employee’s training file. Records for administrative and faculty employees are maintained by Business Services, records for support staff employees are maintained by Human Resources (except Facility Services employee records are maintained within their department) and records for student employees will be maintained by Student Employment.


Supervisors conducting retraining will prepare a written record of the training provided and request the trained employee to sign and date the record. A permanent safety training record is maintained in the employee’s training files.

Non-Routine Tasks

Employees required to perform non-routine tasks, e.g., cleaning tanks, entering confined spaces, etc., should inquire on training sessions that are available from the Risk Management web site or Department regarding potential exposure to hazardous chemicals and proper precautions to take to reduce or avoid exposure.


Mission Statement

The Risk Unit is responsible for evaluating loss exposures, assessing liability, handling claims, promoting internal controls and developing effective safety and health programs. The corporate and student insurance plans are managed by this unit.