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Communication Studies, Africana Studies, Social Welfare & Justice, Sociology and Educational Studies



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Milwaukee, WI

How long I have been with Service Learning

Seven semesters

Why I like working at Service Learning

I like working for the Service Learning Program because I have always been involved in service throughout my academic years and this experience will serve as an opportunity to nurture that passion while also building and developing my skills and talents as a Social Welfare & Justice minor. As an intended Interpersonal Communication Studies major, I want to do work within the community through counseling, service, and advocacy. Working for the Service Learning Program can be one of many experiences that allows me to indulge in the role and responsibilities of what that career may reflect.

What I hope fellow students will get out of their Service Learning experience

I hope fellow students develop a larger sense and awareness of the importance of being an active contributor to their educational experience and inner communities. I believe that those who engage in active services that reflect their academic learning gain the skills to be effective citizens and professionals. I hope that students will trust and build upon Marquette’s service learning process. Service learning experiences should better engage students into the classroom curriculum, while also providing students with the proper experience and development to be prepared in their professional field. 


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