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EDUC 1220: Psychology of Human Development in Children and Adolescents

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. As a group, we will synthesize research to understand human developmental processes, milestones of human development and how children at their various stages of development function.
  2. We will apply psychological theories to teaching, recognize developmental levels of students, and design instruction that is developmentally appropriate.
  3. We will grow in our understanding of the influences and interrelationships of gender, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and language on a child’s development, and in our appreciation of the diversity of individual students and how diversity contributes to the classroom.
  4. We will develop skills to engage with a spectrum of people, communities and systems of value, analyze the sources and implications of inequity, and take steps to create more inclusive and collaborative social and professional processes, acting as people with and for others.

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