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NURS 6244: Health Promotion Across the Lifespan

Special Course: Presentations


The community organizations below have multiple partnerships in the community and their summer programming is very busy. Please keep this in mind when contacting the organization; call and leave a voice message as well as a follow-up email. When you contact the organization (if necessary), let them know they expressed interest in a health presentation and your following up to partner with them.

If you have any questions, please contact, Alexis Rhodes, _________________________________________________________________________

Agency: Hephatha Lutheran Church  

Contact: Louise Meyer, RN (Parish Nurse)

Phone: See professor for site contact information


Website: Facebook Page-Strong Babies at Hephatha and Facebook Page-Hephatha Lutheran Church

Address: 1720 West Locust St. Milwaukee, WI 53206

Description of Agency: Hephatha Lutheran Church makes worship, Holy Communion and holy baptism the starting place to care for the poor and the special needs of young people, while putting a strong emphasis on life giving partnerships in the church's neighborhood. For the past 21 years, Hephatha has had an RN, Parish Nurse on staff leading their Wellness/Wholeness Ministry. As an integrator of faith and health, our nurse functions as a "translator" between faith and healthcare communities. With a knowledge base in both areas, the parish nurse clarifies issues and reinforces the strong tie between faith and health. This is accomplished by accompanying individuals to medical appointments, clarifying and deciphering medical information, and presenting those served with a better understanding of their medical circumstances. The points of focus of this Ministry are health education, health advocacy, health counseling and individual/family case management. Since 2015, Hephatha has been a Strong Bay Sanctuary, setting pregnant women, new moms and babies as a top priority by focusing on reducing infant mortality and co sleeping deaths.

Population: Children and adults, many living in poverty and marginalized by society.

Description of Project: Wellness prevention/educational programs/presentations based on the many health/life related challenges faced by our population.  Some suggestions might be lead contamination related issues, nutrition, brain health, Adverse Childhood Experiences and its effect on childhood and adult health, personal safety, and prenatal and postnatal issues faced by women and infants/children ______________________________________________________________________

Agency: City on a Hill

Contact: Kelly Scroggins

Phone: See professor for site contact information



Address: 2224 W Kilbourn Ave, Milwaukee, WI

Description of Agency: City on a Hill is working to break the cycle of generational poverty and bring transformation to central city neighborhoods. Through a collaborative and Christ-centered model of service, they are working to restore hope, reduce poverty, strengthen families and foster racial reconciliation.

Population: Young boys and girls, predominately African American

Description of Project: Healthy eating/nutrition, sex education, alcoholism, tobacco use, violence, bullying, leadership and self-development, drug abuse, personal hygiene, and professional appearance.



Agency: Jefferson Court


Site Contact: Justin Kasdorf


Phone Number: See professor for site contact information




Address: 415 E. Knapp St #130, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202


Description of Agency: Jefferson Court Senior Apartments is a senior living community for low income adults 62+ who receive rent assistance. Residents live independently in 221 private apartments, but they are invited to participate in a variety of recreational, education, and social opportunities in the complex’s community room in an effort to build community and long-term independence.


Population: Low income seniors 62+; 221 private apartments


Description of Project: Jefferson Court is interested in providing information about smoking cessation, fall prevention for elders or healthy eating. Students will work on a variety of tasks that will be done under the supervision of the Resident Services Coordinator.




Agency/Organization Name: ELCA Outreach Center

Contact: Karl Erickson

Phone: See professor for site contact number



Address: 6218 26th Ave, Kenosha WI 53143

Description of Agency: The mission of the ELCA Outreach Center is to share God's love by addressing the needs of children, youth and adults through programs and services that encourage them to become self-sufficient, caring and participating members of the community. We try to help people get back on their feet while sharing God’s love. Attached is a list of our programs and services.

Population:Adults generally over the age of 25 up to 80 years old. Half male and half female. Many clients are diagnosed with some sort of mental illness and/or substance abuse.

Description of Project/Presentations Needed:



Agency/Organization Name: Acelero Learning

Contact: Kara Kienbaum

Phone: See professor for contact information


Address: 1220 Mound Ave#101 Racine, WI, 53404

Description of Agency: Acelero Learning - Wisconsin offers free, full-day, full-year Early Head Start (ages 0-3) and Head Start (ages 3-5) services in Burlington, WI,and in Milwaukee and Racine Counties.In Milwaukee County, we serve over 800 children in Early Head Start and Head Start on the north side of Milwaukee and in the city of Cudahy. The service area in Milwaukee is bounded by Silver Spring, North Avenue, 76th Street, and the Milwaukee River. We also serve over 500 children in Early Head Start and Head Start in Racine County. Our service area in Racine includes three zip codes in the center of the city and on Racine’s east side--53402, 53403, and 53404.We also provide Head Start services in Burlington, WI.

At all of our centers, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality early childhood education to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. Children who attend for the full year--including our summer portion--are more prepared for school than those who do not. Attending in the summer guarantees your child a slot in the 2015 - 2016 school year.We also offer Extended Day services at various centers for before- and after-school care, geared towards working families.

Acelero Learning - Wisconsin also now offers full-day K4.K4 is a free, full-day program offered at our Capitol, Teutonia, and Eternal Learning centers in Milwaukee and all of our centers in Racine. Contact your nearest center for more information and to schedule an enrollment appointment.

At all of our centers, we focus on promoting family life practices that help close the Achievement Gap. We engage families at all levels individually, in groups, and as leaders in center-based campaigns. This strengthens family environments in order to maintain consistent daily routines, create experience-rich environments for children, promote language and literacy in the home, and utilize positive guidance and discipline.

Nutritious meals and snacks are also provided every day at all centers in a family-style dining setting. In addition, we support the completion of general health and wellness screenings and exams for all children served by our program. A wide range of social services are provided for interested families through our dedicated Family Advocates.

Acelero Learning - Wisconsin was established in 2013 in Milwaukee County and our centers in Racine County were added in 2014.

Population: Low-Income Families of children ages 0-5.

Description of Project/Presentations Needed: Dental Health for Children and Infection Prevention.



Agency: Adult Learning Center (ALC)


Contact: Monica Keenan, Transition Specialist


Phone: See professor for contact information






Address: 1916 Vel R. Phillips Ave, Milwaukee, WI, 53212


Description of Agency: The Adult Learning Center (ALC) is a community based education center serving adults who seek to obtain their GED. With certified teachers and volunteer tutors working one on one with students, the ALC is able to help motivated individuals transform their lives through education.


Population: The ALC serves a predominantly African American population, with an average age of 35. The majority of our students are female, and quite a few are single mothers.


Description of Project: We'd be interested in having diabetes presentations focusing on keeping conditions in check or reducing risk and wellness presentations focusing on the prevention of disease. We're also open to hearing more about presentations that you offer if they seem to fit our demographic.





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