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NURS 3500: Mental Health Nursing

Course Learning Objectives that are related to Service Learning:

Placement Options:

Aurora Adult Day Center

Limit: 15 students/ 8-week session


1st session- August 26 from 3:00-3:30pm

2nd session- October 21st from 3:00-3:30pm

Contact: Melissa Owen – (414) – 290 – 5494

Address: 336 West Walnut Street

Approximate Travel Time By Car: 7 minutes. Head east on W Wells St and turn left onto N 6th St. Turn right onto W McKinley Ave and turn left onto N Dr Martin Luther King Dr. Turn left on W Walnut St and your destination will be on the right.

Approximate Travel Time By Bus: 21 minutes. Walk to Wisconsin and N 6th Street. Take the #80 bus towards App-Villard- Via Green Bay. Get off at N. 6th and Walnut Street. Walk approximately two minutes to destination.

Days/Hours: Mon – Friday, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities: The agency holds adult day services, which provide group and individual activities, and a place to socialize with other adults. Some clients have persistent metal illness, depression, or developmental disabilities. Nutritious meals and snacks, nursing care and consultation, counseling, social services, massage therapy, art therapy, recreation therapy, and transportation are all a part of adult day care.

Student Role in Agency:Initiate, maintain, and terminate a therapeutic relationship with 1 or more client(s) over 7-8 weeks. Students can work with clients in the memory loss program on reminiscence activities, motivation techniques, cooking groups, music, art, ball games, etc. Also, there is a more general program where students will go on outings, do arts and crafts, play games, and visit with clients. All of the activities offered will enable students to build therapeutic relationships with the clients at the site.

Dress Code: Students are expected to wear their Marquette scrubs or business casual clothing. All students must wear MU name badge at all times. Absolutely NO jeans, leggings, or open-toed shoes at this site!

Special Requirements: Students must complete a volunteer application before beginning service. Proof of flu shot and TB skin test must also be provided to the agency before students can begin their service.

Lutheran Home

Limit: 10 - 12 students / 8 week session

Orientation: Individual orientation on first day of service. After orientation, students will be directed to service placement area within facility by Terry.

Contact: Terry Deleeuw

Phone: (414) 258-6171 x732

Address: 7500 W. North Avenue, Wauwatosa , WI 53213

Approximate time by bus: 45 minutes. Walk to South 11th and National, take 19 bus towards 19 Silver Spring, walk to Wisconsin and Plankinton, take 10 bus towards Bluemound-Brookfield, walk to Glenview and Wisconsin, take 67 bus towards Brown Deer Road, walk to 7500 West North Ave, Wauwatosa.

Approximate time by car: 10-15 minutes. Head south on South 11th Street toward West National Avenue, take the second left onto West Walker Street, take ramp onto I-43 N/I-94 W/US-42 N continue to follow I-43 N, take exit 72A for I-94 W/US 41 W toward Madison, merge onto I-94 W/US-41, take exit 308C to merge onto US-41 N, take the Lloyd street exit, turn left onto West Lloyd street, turn right onto North 55th Street, turn left onto West North Ave. *There is no parking in the staff or visitor parking lots. Students must park on the street near Lutheran Home.

Days/Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am – 4:00pm

Description of Agency/ Activities: Lutheran Home was established in 1906 out of love and concern to provide for retired and indigent pastors and teachers who could live out their lives in relative comfort and dignity. While they serve people of all backgrounds, it’s clear that faith and compassion remain the driving forces in care. Lutheran Home and Harwood Place are a faith-based family of services dedicated to meeting the ever-changing physical, emotional and spiritual needs of older adults, including their families, with a variety of distinctive housing and care options. They offer a full range of services including: retirement living, rehabilitation therapy, assisted living, specialized care for the memory-impaired, adult day services, skilled nursing, and host hospice care on-site.

Student Role in Agency: Students may either work in the Adult Day Center or in the Skilled Nursing facility. Though student preference for placement in either program will be taken into account, it is highly dependent on agency availability and schedule. Students working at the Adult Day Center will be working with individuals and groups as they go about their daily activities. These activities include: daily exercise, pet therapy, music therapy, crafts, discussion groups, and memory enhancement exercises. The students will be able to form a therapeutic relationship with 1 or more clients over the 7-8 week period. Students working at the Skilled Nursing facility will be able to form a therapeutic relationship with 1 or more clients over the 7-8 week period through a number of activities similar to those at the Adult Day Center, as well as visiting individual rooms and talking to patients.

Dress Code: Students may choose to wear business casual clothing or Marquette University scrubs. If wearing business casual clothing, students are expected to wear their College of Nursing Scrubs as well. All students must wear their College of Nursing nametags at all times.

Special Requirements: Students must fulfill 3 hours of service once a week during the agency’s hours of operation. Students must set a consistent weekly time. All students completing service at this site MUST have a flu shot and show verification of this to Terry.

My Good Mourning Place

Limit: 2 students/ 8 weeks

Orientation: First day of service

Contact: Connie Taylor,

Day Phone: (414) 385-5257 Night Phone: (414) 719-5385

Address: 4005 W. Oklahoma Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53215 (Located at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church)

Approximate time by bus: 30 minutes. Take the #14 bus leaving from 16th and Wisconsin headed towards Southridge. Get off at the 28th stop at S 43 and Forest Home. Walk to 4005 W. Oklahoma Ave.

Approximate time by car: 15 minutes. Head west on Wisconsin Ave. towards 27th street. Turn left (south) on 27th St. Turn right (west) on Oklahoma Ave. towards S. 40th. Turn left on S. 40th and My Good Mourning Place is on that corner.

Hours: Tuesdays 6:00pm-8:00pm. *Additional hours are available from 4:15pm-6:00pm if desired. Students MUST still attend the 6:00pm-8:00pm session if doing extra hours.

Description of Agency/Activities: My Good Mourning Place is a bereavement center designed to help children, teens and families cope with a loved one’s death by facilitating the grief process in a supportive environment. Children attending the programs share their thoughts and memories in a caring and safe environment. A volunteer nurse and other trained facilitators help children to communicate and cope with their feelings through various projects such as art and music. Team-building exercises are also facilitated in order to help children work through their grief in a positive manner. Dinner is provided for the combined parent and child support group from 6:00-7:30pm and group processing is facilitated in separate child and parent groups.

Student Role in Agency:Students will initiate, maintain, and terminate a therapeutic relationship with clients over 8 weeks. They will assist facilitators in group programs and activities. Nursing students may be asked to work one-on-one with kids to provide support, understanding and education to kids during the grief process. For this reason, nursing students who have experienced loss would be beneficial to this site. After the children leave on Tuesday nights, Connie will conduct a short debrief session with nursing students to gain feedback and ensure that the students feel comfortable with the placement. Please feel free to contact her at any time with feedback as she greatly appreciates it!

***In addition to the two hour requirement each Tuesday night, there are multiple opportunities to assist at My Good Mourning Place. If interested, nursing students may ride along with Connie during her time transporting children to and from the agency. Students may also arrive early to the facility to assist with set-up or review materials before the children arrive. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, students are expected to contact Connie the week before (via email) and set up a time to arrive at the site. Students MUST stay at the site until evening programming is done on Tuesday nights (8:00pm) regardless of the time they are arriving to the site.

Dress Code: No leggings, yoga pants or flip-flops at this site please. Though we expect professional attitude and attire at this site we understand the nature of the activities you will be participating in. Please wear casual, comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty but remember that you are representing the College of Nursing and the Marquette Service Learning Program at all times.

Special Requirements: Students are required to attend consistently and remain at My Good Mourning Place until the program is finished for the evening. Students must also complete an online Working with Minors training. More information on this training will be sent to you after placements have been chosen.


Our Space

Limit: 2 students/ 8-week session

Orientation: Orientation will be your first day of service. Please arrive at your regular time for service and ask for Colleen upon arriving at site.

Contact: Colleen Aird,

Phone: (414)-383-8921

Address: 1527 W. National Ave

Approximate time by bus: 12 minutes. Walk to National and south 11th. Take 18 bus towards 124th Street, walk to 1527 west National Ave.

Approximate time by car: 5 minutes. By car: Head south on South 11th Street toward west National Ave. Take the first right onto west National ave.

Days/Hours: Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Description of Agency/Activities: The mission of Our Space Inc. is to empower adults who have experienced mental illness to attain a more meaningful life by offering quality programs and services, which promote recovery, rehabilitation and renewal. Our Space is based upon a membership and peer support concept, which enhances connectivity, self-determination and reintegration. Our Space serves diverse populations with varying mental illness diagnoses, ethnicities, income levels, and needs.

Student Role in Agency: Initiate, maintain and terminate a therapeutic relationship with 1 or more client(s) over 7-8 weeks. Students will also present a 1-hour educational topic to clients. In the past, students have presented on a variety of different topics including, hand hygiene, oral hygiene and free activities offered in Milwaukee. Service learners are needed to assist staff with group facilitation. Groups include Basic Literacy, Health and Wellness, Stress and Anger Management and other Occupational Therapy Programs for adults ages 18 and up. Additionally, students may assist staff with conducting arts and crafts or socialize with members who choose not to participate in the daily activities. Please note, this site places less emphasis on structure and schedule of activities and more emphasis on building relationships. The main objective of student involvement at Our Space is to facilitate interaction and socialization skills with the target population in a comfortable and safe environment.

Dress Code: While students are expected to wear professional clothing at this site, it is recommended by the agency that students wear casual clothing in order to facilitate the best possible interactions with clients. Jeans are acceptable and encouraged. MU Nursing nametags are optional. Leggings, flip-flops, and shorts/skirts above the knee are not acceptable. We ask that students do not wear scrubs at this site. 

Special Requirements: Students participating in service at this site are required to have a TB test completed before their first day of service. Students will also be asked to fill out a simple application during their orientation.

St. Ann's Center for Intergenerational Care Group

Limit: 15 students / 8 weeks session

Orientation: First day of service. Please arrive at your regularly scheduled time to meet with Delma Vega prior to starting your service.

Contact: Delma Vega

Phone: (414) 977-5000

Address: 2801 East Morgan Avenue (25th and Morgan)

Approximate time by bus: 40 minutes. Take any eastbound bus (30, 23, 10, etc) and get off at Wisconsin & Plankinton. Walk to Water & Michigan. Take the 15 bus towards Drexel Via Chicago and get off at Kinnickinnic and Morgan. Walk to 2801 East Morgan Ave.

Approximate time by car: 15 minutes. Head west on Wisconsin toward N. 16th Street. Turn right onto N. 16th Street. Turn right onto Wells Street. Turn right onto N. 11th Street. Take the ramp onto I—43 S. Take exit 312A toward Lapham Blvd/Mitchell Street. Merge onto S. 5th Street. Turn left onto W. Lapham Blvd. Turn right onto S. 1st street. Continue onto WI-32 S/S Kinnickinnic Avenue. Turn left onto E. Morgan Avenue.

Days/Hours:Monday-Friday 8:00am-11:00

Description of Agency/ Activities: St. Ann’s Center for Intergenerational Care is a facility that that offers care on different levels so that it is tailored to the needs of the client. When a greater level of care is needed, Shepherd House goes one step beyond traditional day care and provides secure and soothing care to very fragile individuals who live with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The clients at St. Ann’s Center learn what it means to accept, love and care for everyone. The Center is a model of family values and days at St. Ann’s Center are filled with moments of joy and it is seen on the faces of everyone we touch. Our goal is to ensure that growing and learning never end.

Student Role in Agency: Students at this site will gain hands-on experience while working with clients that are experiencing differing levels of dementia. Those who complete their service at this site will be rotated throughout the course of their session in order to experience all of the different levels of care provided by the agency.  The goal of working at this agency is for the student to initiate, maintain and terminate a therapeutic relationship with 1 or more client(s) over 7-8 weeks. Students will be able to build these therapeutic relationships by becoming involved in small group activities, assisting clients express themselves through art and music and working with clients individually. Students will also present a 1-hour educational topic to clients. Students will be assisting with therapeutic activities and support.

Dress Code: Students working at this site are expected to wear their Marquette scrubs. All students at this site MUST have their Marquette Nursing badge at all times.

Special Requirements: Students are expected to come at a consistent, pre-scheduled time each week. A TB test (if one has been done in the past year, it is valid) and background check are required.

St. Ann's Rest Home

Limit: 20 students/ 8 weeks

Orientation:Monday, August 26 at 10:30am OR 4:30pm

Contact: Sister Andrea,

Phone: (414) 383-2630

Address: 2020 South Muskego Ave.

Approximate time by Bus: 6 minutes. Take the #14 bus from 12th and Wisconsin or 16th and Wisconsin. The bus will head across the 16th street viaduct, and continue south down Cesar Chavez Drive (16th Street). Disembark at W. Forest Home Ave. and S. 20th Street. Walk one block north (to W. Rogers St.), two blocks east (to S. Muskego Ave.), and 1/2 block southwest to the site, 2020 S. Muskego Ave.

Approximate time by Car: 20 - 25 minutes. Via West Clybourn Street take the 16th Street Bridge heading south over the bridge. Continue into southside Milwaukee, at the intersection of 16th Street (now called S Cesar Chavez Dr.) and West Greenfield Avenue bear right onto South Muskego Avenue. St. Ann's is six blocks farther on the left hand side. Parking is available.


Monday – Sunday

9:00am – 12:00pm OR 1:30pm – 4:30pm OR 5:30pm -9:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities: St. Ann’s Rest Home is a non-profit nursing home operated by the Dominican Sisters. Its mission is to provide a high quality of care to the elderly by a specific respect for human life. They are deeply rooted in the Catholic Church’s teaching that gives their residents, families, employees, and friends moral values of respect and dignity regardless of their race or denomination. There is a daily schedule that offers activities that begin with 7:00am mass every morning and include: exercise, spending time outdoors, bingo, arts and crafts, birthday parties and other social events. There are fifty female residents at St. Ann’s.

Student Role in Agency: Students are expected to use their gifts, talents and skills to enrich the living environment of those in the intergenerational program and to initiate, maintain and terminate therapeutic relationships with residents. Under the supervision of staff, students will be expected to engage with and accompany residents in daily recreational and social activities. These activities at St. Ann Rest Home include entertainment programs, reminiscence activities, music, games and arts and crafts. Students may also participate in individual visits with residents. Students working at this facility will have the opportunity to learn more about the physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of the geriatric population and gain experience in working with the elderly.

Please note: Each student will be assigned to a specific client to work with for the 7-8 weeks. The student will have the opportunity to interact with their client in both a group setting during the recreational/social activities and a one-on-one setting. It is extremely important that you inform these clients from day one that you are only there for seven weeks because they have the potential to get very attached to you.

Dress Code: Scrubs or business casual attire required. MU nursing badges should be worn at all times. Absolutely NO leggings or flips flops. Students with long hair must keep it up and away from shoulders.

Special Requirements: All students must complete a volunteer application form before beginning service and attend orientation. Students completing service at this site must have a background check, TB test and flu shot prior to orientation. (Flu shot requirement is effective starting on October 1st. Students will not be allowed to complete service after October 1st without proof of a flu shot. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that documentation is given to Sister Andrea before this date.)

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