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ENGL 4170: Studies in Language: Language in the City

Course Learning Objectives Related to Service Learning:

  1. Explain the evidence that: All languages are rule-governed, the rules of any particular language are acquired through everyday social interaction (and not through explicit instruction or attempts to learn a prestige language), and any stigma or prestige accorded a language is not predictable from the language itself, but rather from the social evaluation of its speakers.
  2. Explain the processes of language change and language contact that have shaped all varieties of English including African American English (AAE) and the development of creole languages.
  3. Identify and describe the systematic structures of AAE: its lexicon, phonology, and syntax.
  4. Analyze texts to show how authors use AAE to invoke history, class, ethnicity, conflict, and solidarity.
  5. Engage in productive conversations with people who have not had the opportunity to learn these course objectives (i.e., 1-4 above): Critique ideologies of race and (standard) language that shape public commentary of AAE and describe the role of AAE in a community of practice in Milwaukee—your service learning site.

Placement Options:

  • Adult Learning Center
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Hopkins Lloyd Community School
  • Milwaukee College Prep
  • Milwaukee Urban League
  • North Division High School
  • Our Next Generation
  • Project Stay High School
  • SOS Center



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