Tyanna McLaurin

Contact Information:


Service Learning Program Assistant Director

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts in African-American Studies


Milwaukee, WI

Experience with Service Learning

While a student at Marquette, I worked for the YMCA in various positions from being a volunteer in the One-On-One Mentoring Program to working as a Youth Program Coordinator. I coupled much of my community experience with what I learned in the classroom. I was able to connect theory with practice and bring a different perspective during classroom discussions.  I believe all types of service includes some type of reflection either directly or indirectly. As a student at Marquette, my service allowed to think intentionally about my relationship with my community and it definitely prepared me for my service in two AmeriCorps Programs and the U.S. Peace Corps.

Why I like working for the Service Learning Program:

I like working for the Service Learning Program because I am helping faculty and students realize the important role they play in combining academic theory with practice by providing service to the urban Milwaukee community. I have a commitment to community transformation and making sure universities, such as Marquette, prepare students to work with diverse populations, and see the value of using their Marquette education to help transform communities. Working for the Service Learning Program also allows me to stay connected to local organizations, build meaningful relationships, and learn how Marquette can partner with organizations to develop solutions to their respective needs.


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