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SOWJ 3300: Practice Skills with Individuals, Families, and Groups

Course Learning Objectives Related to Service Learning:

  1. Apply critical thinking within the context of professional generalist direct practice.
  2. Apply religious, societal and professional values and ethical principles to guide professional practice.
  3. Translate the connections among knowledge, theory, values, ethics, and skills to demonstrate generalist and culturally competent direct practice.
  4. Demonstrate the use of generalist direct practice skills.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to engage, evaluate, express empathy, respect, warmth, and genuineness in professional relationships.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of diversity in communicating across client systems with particular focus on populations at risk, such as those groups distinguished by age, race, ethnicity, gender, culture, class, religion, sexual orientation, and/or physical or mental ability toward pursuit of social justice.

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