Artists Working in Education

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Artists Working in Education

Address: 4315 W. Vliet Street


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Orientation: TBD

Days/Hours of Volunteering: We have programming throughout the week for both of our programs. For our Truck Studio program, we have library programs from 4-6 every day and some Saturdays. For our Artists in Residence Programs we have 2 hour sessions multiple times a week.

(all dates change depending on when you are with us, which program you are working with, and on your schedule)

Description of Agency/Activities: Artists Working in Education is a non-profit organization that sponsors professional artists to nurture the imaginations of Milwaukee youth by bringing creative visual arts experiences directly to schools, community centers and informal settings such as parks, playgrounds, libraries and community events.

AWE artists guide children through the process of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Meaningful art programming helps youth develop new ways of seeing the world, enhanced inquisitiveness, creativity, flexibility, imagination and confidence.

Student Role at Agency: Students role would be to assist the artists teams, by helping teach art lessons, assist students, and document the process including: attendance, surveys, and photo documentation.

Days/Hours of Service: TBD


Other: Students will be working in a professional environment with sensitive information, therefore professional behavior is expected. The site depends on the volunteers each week, so students should be on time and ready to go every week.



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Marquette University Service Learning
P.O. Box 1881
1102 W. Wisconsin Ave. Room 303
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1881

Phone Number: (414) 288-0250
Fax Number: (414) 288-3259

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