studentsThis minor is an excellent choice for students planning to apply to medical school, or health careers in fields like nursing, biomedical sciences, counseling, public policy, patient and victim's advocacy, and social work.

The minor in Culture, Health, and Illness uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine the study of health and illness among individuals and groups. Students pursuing this minor study the social and cultural factors that influence the ways in which people from diverse backgrounds perceive and experience health and illness.

Program of study:

Required Courses (6 credits) Choose one of the following:

AND Choose one of the following (students may take both*):

Elective Courses (12 credits):

Your four elective courses must be from at least TWO different academic disciplines. The courses are grouped by tracks, though students are not required to select a single track and may choose to specialize in one aspect of culture, health and illness OR to approach the issue broadly and take courses from different tracks:

Theories and Practice of Health and Intervention

ANTH 4153 Demography
ANTH 4251 Human Osteology and Odontology
SOCI 3300 Sociology of the Life Course
SOCI 3500 Culture, Health and Illness
SOCI 4680 Sociology of Mental Illness
SOWJ 2200 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
POSC/BISC 4381 Politics of U.S. Healthcare
POSC/BISC 4461 Comparative Health Politics & Policy
PSYC 3220 Human Sexuality
PSYCH 3401 Abnormal Psychology

Social and Structural Determinants of Health

ANTH 3100 Urban Anthropology
ANTH 4316 Culture, Change & Development
SOCI 3200 Social Problems in Urban Society
SOCI 3280 Race & Family
SOCI 3550 Race, Gender & Medicine
SOCI 3570 Men, Masculinities & Health
SOCI 4270 Urban Sociology
SOWJ 2150 Immigrants & Their Communities
SOWJ 4700 Global Aid & Humanitarianism
PSYC 3420 Health Psychology

Epidemiology of Violence

CRLS 3600 Victimology
CRLS 3640 Domestic Violence in the U.S.
CRLS 3660 Sex Offenses & Sex Offenders
SOCI 4300 Sociology of Aging
SOWJ 3320 Victims Services and Policies
PSYC 3210 The Psychology of Prejudice

Total credit hours: 18

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