Dawn Moon


Dr. Dawne Moon, SOCI and Dr. Theresa Tobin, PHIL were awarded $190,000 by the Templeton Foundation's Self, Motivation and Virtue Project for their proposal: "The Motivation to Love: Overcoming Spiritual Violence in Christian Churches." The award was one of ten and covers two years of research expenses. During this time, they will use qualitative sociological methods to explore how Christians are working to end the so-called "culture wars," to listen respectfully and learn from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgerder (LGBT) people and to live out an ethic of Christ-like love.

The three main questions the project addresses are:

1. How does spiritual violence erect barriers to Christian virtue development, both for those victimized and for those who commit these abuses?

2. What motivates non-LGBT church members to end these abusive practices (regardless of whether they believe homosexuality is sinful) and to cultivate authentic Christian love? and,

3. How LGBT people who have been victims of sacramentalized shame overcome its harm to experience God as loving, to serve others, and to flourish?


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