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Adjunct Assistant Professor and SOCS Diversity Advocate

Social and Cultural Sciences

Dr. Marcia Williams’ received her doctorate in Sociology from the University of Minnesota in 2008.  Her areas of specialization are race, culture and education.


Ph.D., 2008, University of Minnesota

Research Interests

Her work challenges cultural deficit explanations of the racial gap in academic achievement – which posit that under achievement among blacks’ stems from an oppositional identity that encourages poor performance in school.  Dr Williams’ dissertation, entitled, “Race, Identity and Education: An Ethnographic Study of Critical Student Agency In A Midwestern Elementary School” explores the culture of an elementary/middle school in which there was no racial gap in academic achievement.

Professional Interests

Principles of sociology, inequality, race and ethnic relations; African American social thoughts, experiences of oppression

SOCS Diversity Advocate

 multiracial group of people

For too long, the racial hostility endured by people of color has been trivialized through accusations of ‘oversensitivity’, ‘Being Pc’ or ‘suppressing freedom of speech’.  It took the tragic murder of George Floyd for much of white America to accept that systemic racism.  white privilege and white supremacy are not the paranoid imaginings of people who are ‘making race an issue’, Instead, they are components of the very REAL racism endemic to American society. 


As part of our effort to address systemic racism, the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences (socs)has tasked Dr. Marcia Williams with being our Diversity Advocate.  In this capacity, Dr. Williams will provide a safe space for students of color to discuss experiences of racism in both the socs department and the campus at-large.  She will also help students develop a plan for addressing their concerns and provide support through the various stages of its implementation.  Dr. Williams will also facilitate a monthly support group for SOCS students of color so that they may discuss their experiences with racism in a supportive atmosphere dedicated to community building and collaboration.

Office Hours:

Where: Lalumiere 352

When: Thursdays 12:30-1:30/ by appt  


Support Group Meetings: Every Third Wednesday of the Month from 6:30 pm to 7:30


Fall 2021 Meetings: Oct. 20, Nov. 15th, Dec. 15th


TEAM LINK for Office Hours and Support Group in the event they can’t be held in person: 


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