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Curriculum Vitae

Assistant Professor

Social and Cultural Sciences

Michelle A. Rodrigues received her B.S. in Psychology and B.S. in Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, an M.A. in Anthropology from Iowa State University, and PhD in Biological Anthropology from The Ohio State University. Her research focuses on the evolution of female social relationships, stress biology, and human-primate interactions across the primate order. Her teaching interests focus on biological anthropology, human, biology, and primatology, and she is excited to bring some new perspectives on how racism and colonialism shape these fields.

Recent Publications

Boeving ER, Rodrigues MA, Nelson EL. (2020). Network analysis as a tool to understand social development in spider monkeys. American Journal of Primatology. e23182. https://doi.org/10.1002/ajp.23182 (Special Issue on Psychobiology Development in Primates).


Rodrigues MA, Clancy KBH. (2020). A comparative examination of research on why women are more underrepresented in some STEMM disciplines compared to others, with a particular focus on computer science, engineering, physics, mathematics, medicine, chemistry, and biology. Commissioned paper for the National Academy of Sciences Promising Practices for the Underrepresentation of Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine: Opening Doors.

Courses Taught

ANTH 1201: Introduction to Biological Anthropology (Watch the trailer! Fall 2020, Spring 2021)

ANTH 2201: Human Evolutionary Processes (Watch the trailer! Spring 2021)

ANTH 4255: Sex and Evolution (Watch the trailer! Spring 2022)

Public Engagement

Primatweeps—Rotating #PrimatePlaytime Twitter games every Tuesday!

Skype a Scientist LIVE: Primate Biology with Michelle Rodrigues. March 25, 2020.

Neocolonial Narratives of Primate Conservation. IUCN Primate Specialist Group Section for Human Primate Interactions blog. May 25, 2020.

Spider Monkeys, Part II: Interview with Dr. Michelle Rodrigues. Cool Facts About Animals: A Podcast for and by Kids. July 30, 2020. 

Virtual Webinars

Why narratives matter for decolonizing primatology. IUCN Section on Human-Primate Interactions “Decolonising Primate Conservation” webinar. August 10, 2020.

Frameshifting in primatology: Toward a decolonial approach. American Association of Physical Anthropologists “Shifting Gears due to COVID-19” webinar. July 6, 2020.

Online Teaching and Research Resources

#DecolonizePrimatology: A Reading List.

Online Resources for Teaching Bioanth.

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