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Service Learning Program Director
Social welfare and justice
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Educational Background

Experience with Service Learning

I worked as a Student Coordinator and Staff Manager for 2-1/2 years as a Marquette student. In June of 2001, I became the Program Assistant Director and as of January 2009, I have been the Program Director.

Why I like working for the Service Learning Program:

As a Marquette student who benefited from doing Service Learning, I watched as the text, philosophies, and research I read for my classes became real, feasible, and concrete. As a teacher in an alternative high school who used Service Learning, I watched as my students were moved, challenged, and changed by their service experiences. As an agency staff member who supervised Service Learners, I watched as my clients got the extra attention that they so desperately longed for and deserved.

Now as the Director of the Program, I get to watch it all, as well as supervise to make sure the Program continues to make a difference. These experiences helped shape who I am today, and I continue to find fulfillment and passion in service. I would not be happy in a position that offered any less.






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