DR. Mike Krzewinski

Adjunct Assistant Professor

(414) 288-4037
Retired Deputy Inspector and
Director of Training, MPD  
Criminology and Law Studies
Lalumiere Language Hall, 108


I grew up in Milwaukee, leaving the city only for a few years to join a monastery and later the U. S. Army Reserves. Upon return I shortly began a 33-year career in law enforcement with the Milwaukee Police Dept. I started as a police officer in the inner city and then went undercover investigating drugs, gambling, prostitution and pornography. After five years of that assignment, I was promoted to “Detective” and spent 13 years investigating sex crimes and pornography. I eventually became a Lieutenant of Detectives, Captain of Police and eventually Deputy Inspector-Director of Training. During these supervisory years. I was involved in narcotics, property crimes, arson investigations, gang crimes and research and development.

While working with the MPD, I completed my bachelor’s & master’s degrees at Marquette, which piqued my interest in teaching. I viewed most of my professors as having only book knowledge and little experiential knowledge and wanted to fill this void. I enrolled in the Urban Studies doctoral program at UW- Milwaukee. My dissertation examined “The Historical Development and Effects of Affirmative Action on the MPD.”

At first, I taught classes at Milwaukee Area Technical College, Marquette University, Concordia University, The Chicago School of Psychology and U W- Milwaukee, but eventually, I focused only on Marquette and UW-M. I teach both sociology and criminology courses, but my favorites are deviance, criminology, criminal violence & criminal investigations. I have retired from the MPD, but I keep teaching because the students keep me young and nothing makes me happier than to hear from former students and meet with them over a Grey Goose and good food.


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