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Vice-President of The James Company
Social Welfare and Justice
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I am a 1971 graduate of Marquette and I have a Masters in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh. For 10 years I was an organizer for the Industrial Areas Foundation's (IAF) network of community organizations. IAF's mission is to teach leaders and organizers the skills needed to build broad, diverse organizations in the civil sector of society, so that ordinary people have a greater voice in shaping democratic societies. IAF is the oldest and largest international association of broad-based community organizations. It was founded by the late Saul Alinsky, the "godfather" of grass roots organizing.


Currently, I am also a small business owner and professional fund raiser. I own the James Company, which helps religious and secular congregations and non-profits raise money across the U.S. I also am a volunteer leader with Common Ground, the IAF affiliate in Southeastern Wisconsin. Common Ground is an alliance of 47 congregations, schools, small businesses, non-profits, unions, and neighborhood associations. We address social issues such as foreclosures, affordable health insurance, school reform and a host of local issues. “Marquette University for Common Ground” is the campus group member of Common Ground.


I teach the SOWJ class on the Community Organizing. I love teaching that course because it gives me the opportunity to show people that they are not powerless. If they learn how to organize other people, they can change the world. Throughout the years of teaching the course, I have found several students who are now pursuing careers as professional organizers.


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