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I started my life giving happiness and even financial help to my family. My sister and I were the first twins born in Passaic County, New Jersey, in 1955. As a reward, my mother received $500.00 in free merchandise from Speigel’s department store for her bundles of joy.

After graduating from high school in 1973, I attended Fordham University for two years. In 1978, I moved to Denver, CO, returned to college and completed my undergraduate degree from Metropolitan State University in Denver. After leaving Denver in 1986, my wife and I moved to Illinois where I began my teaching career at a small, rural high school in Mount Sterling, IL, where I taught my first sociology classes, However, the “culture shock’ of rural living motivated me to complete my master’s degree.


I took a year off from teaching to complete my master’s degree from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL, majoring in American history with a minor in Twentieth Century European history. My family moved to Madison, WI, and one year later I began teaching high school sociology, psychology, and history at Greenfield High School. I remained there for thirteen years, although on the side I began teaching college sociology at Milwaukee’s Alverno College in 1998.

I am currently working on  research, which focuses on service learning in higher education and transformational learning theory. I am interested in whether the experience of service learning enhances the likelihood that students will be transformed as a result of that experience. My experiences in teaching at Marquette and using Service Learning in my classes created my interest in that question.


I am the co-author of the high school sociology text, Sociology and You, which now is in its 2nd edition and thirteenth year of publication. In addition, my simulation game, Harmonyville: A Simulation for Understanding Racial and Residential Segregation was published in 2006 in the American Sociological Association’s Innovative Techniques for Teaching Sociological Concepts.


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