Robert Rondini


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Attorney at law, Sayas, Schmuki, Rondini & Plum, S.C.
Criminology and Law Studies
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I was born and raised in the city of Milwaukee. My parents were blue-collar, not having attended college. I emerged from my blue-collar roots with three siblings and developed an appreciation for the real meaning of family and the value of hard work.
I became interested in the study of law and criminal justice when I was in high school. I took law-related courses while in college at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and then went to law school at Northern Illinois University. I received Dean’s List honors while in law school along with other academic awards.


In 1990, I passed the Illinois bar and took a job in the town of Ottawa, Illinois, site of one of the famous Lincoln/Douglas debates. After a few months, it became clear to me that I wanted to return to Wisconsin and open my own law office. As a result, I took the Wisconsin bar in 1991 and opened my law office. I am currently a partner at the law firm Sayas, Schmuki, Rondini, Plum S.C.


Over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege of representing individuals from all different backgrounds. Over that time, I have never lost sight of a genuine and deeply held commitment to equal justice for all. I have logged hundreds of hours of community service representing neglected and abused children.
I have been honored to be a speaker or guest lecturer for the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Bar Association, Special Needs Adoption Network and the Milwaukee Police Academy Trial Advocacy Program.


I returned to teaching because of the satisfaction I get from the experience. I enjoy the atmosphere of the Marquette campus and the ability to be part of the university community and educational process. Teaching is not only an avocation but a form of community service which I find very rewarding.


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