Learn More About Social Welfare and Justice

What are the consequences of the widening gulf between the wealthy and the poor? What are the needs of crime victims? How can conflict be mediated rather than escalated?  How can we talk through difficult conversations with people who passionately hold different perspectives? How can we meaningfully engage diversity, equity, and inclusion in our university, in developing your career path, and in changing the world?  As a Jesuit university wrestling with questions such as these, we are pleased to offer a major in social welfare and justice. The major, which blends the expertise of our faculty in social work, sociology, anthropology and criminology and law studies, is dedicated to preparing you to be a leader as you work for justice.

You can tailor this major to fit your needs, whether that's preparing for graduate school in areas such as social work, education or law, or for careers in social services, advocacy or public policy.

Make a difference before you graduate. Our social justice and welfare major includes one- and two-semester internships at a wide variety of sites, including the Milwaukee mayor’s office, schools, health services, and programs for domestic abuse victims, immigrants, and persons struggling with drug addiction.

Combine our social welfare and justice major with psychology if you'd like to go into case management or child welfare. Blend with theology if you want to work in youth ministry. Mix with economics if you'd like to administer a nonprofit organization or go into social entrepreneurship. Or double major with any of the other majors in the department: anthropology, criminology and law studies or sociology.

Study with professors who research current legal issues surrounding immigration, family dispute resolution or sexual assault cases. Learn from professionals who provide examples from their work in diverse social work contexts, such as aging, child welfare, education, and courts/corrections.  Develop the skills to evaluate the effectiveness of social agencies and policy. With the major in social welfare and justice and internship experience, you will graduate ready to be a change agent for social justice.

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