The Marquette University Hearing Clinic provides comprehensive audiologic evaluations and aural rehabilitation (hearing aids, assistive listening devices and auditory training) for adult and pediatric (age 6 months and older) populations. 

The hearing clinic serves the public, Marquette University students, faculty, staff and dependents. Audiologic evaluations may include some or all of the following procedures; video otoscopy, acoustic immittance measurements, pure tone air and bone conduction threshold testing, visual reinforcement audiometry, conditioned play audiometry, speech audiometry, and otoacoustic emission testing. In addition, the clinic offers recommendations, impressions and fitting of custom-fit earpieces designed for specific uses such as hearing protection (hunting, high noise, musician), sleep, swimming, communication (law enforcement), and personal listening (coupled with earbud/headphone). 


  • Full audiological (hearing) evaluations by a licensed and certified audiologist
  • Fitting and servicing of hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and custom earpieces
  • Auditory training


  • Contact the Marquette Speech and Hearing Clinic at (414) 288-7426 or via email.