All prospective clients are required to participate in an evaluation at the Marquette University Speech and Hearing Clinic, even if they have been previously evaluated elsewhere. Once an evaluation is completed, the student-faculty diagnostic team will determine if therapy at MUSHC is appropriate. If therapy is recommended, additional information about scheduling those services will be provided at that time.

Because of our student-based delivery of services and restrictions resulting from Medicare guidelines, Medicare recipients are not eligible for individual speech-language therapy through the MUSHC. Alternative models of service delivery are often available, however, as described under specialized programs.

Standard clinic policy regarding the continuation of services is as follows:

  • Therapy will be provided for successive semesters until it is determined there is no longer a need for services and/or
  • Therapy will be provided until it is determined that a client will no longer benefit from services at MUSHC and/or
  • Therapy will be discontinued following 8 semesters of individual therapy services.