Statement of Purpose

The University Staff Senate shall represent Marquette University staff so that their views and interests may be considered, alongside those of faculty and students, in the conduct of institutional affairs that affect life in the workplace and in the advancement of the University’s mission. The University Staff Senate will provide nominations for staff appointments to administrative committees, and other task forces and initiatives, as requested and as appropriate.



University Staff Senate (USS) would like to send a clear message that we stand in solidarity with President Lovell's decisions in regard to the situation with Dr. John McAdams.

The USS advocates for extending a welcoming work environment, effective mentorship, and promoting behavior that reflects the values of our Catholic and Jesuit institutional identity.

It is our hope that this situation will end with a positive outcome by leading the Marquette community to a more complete understanding of Catholic and Jesuit ideals that intersect with our diverse society and world. We begin by holding each other accountable and learning how to respectfully work, learn, and live together with differences without compromising one's own identity.