Bylaws SUBCommittee

This subcommittee will advise University Staff Senate members of bylaws and ensure that current bylaws are posted on the University Staff Senate website.


Statement of Purpose

The University Staff Senate (the “Staff Senate”) shall represent Marquette University staff so that their views and interests may be considered, alongside those of faculty and students, in the conduct of institutional affairs that affect life in the workplace and in the advancement of the university’s mission.  The Staff Senate will provide nominations for staff appointments to administrative committees, and other task forces and initiatives, as requested and as appropriate. 


Any full-time or regular part-time employee whose primary designation is staff rather than faculty or student, who has been employed by Marquette University for at least one year, and who is not represented by a collective bargaining unit, may be elected to the Staff Senate.

Membership on the University Staff Senate shall consist of:

  • Nine Members-At-Large elected from the entire staff.
  • Seven Area Representatives elected from the two consolidated areas of the university as follows:
  • Four - Office of the Provost*
  • Three - Offices of Athletics/Finance/General Counsel/Mission and Ministry/Advancement/OMC/Public Affairs/HR/Planning & Strategy/IT Services/MUPD

*All areas under the Office of the Provost

Ex Officio Membership

Marquette University Student Government and the Graduate Student Organization may each appoint one ex-officio member.

Non-elected Subcommittee Chairs will be granted an ex-officio membership.


Annual University Staff Senate elections will take place in summer. The slate of candidates will be designed to maximize the balance between exempt and non-exempt employees.

Terms of Office:

Representatives shall be elected to the Staff Senate for terms of three years. Members may be re-elected without limit. The term of service shall begin at the annual organizational meeting held in August.


Officer positions should be held by a fair balance of exempt and non-exempt staff on an annual basis, e.g. if the Chair is an exempt staff member, the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect should be a non-exempt staff member, and vice versa. A majority vote must approve any USS leadership imbalance. Officers will be elected at the August organizational meeting. The positions are:

  • Chair: The Chair shall call and preside over meetings and will be the Staff Senate representative on the University Leadership Council (ULC).
  • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: The Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect shall preside over meetings in the absence of the Chair and will represent the Staff Senate at a ULC meeting should the Chair be unable to do so. The Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect will function as the Chair of the Work Environment Committee and as the USS liaison to Human Resources
  • Secretary: The Secretary will record meeting minutes and ensure distribution of the agenda and meeting materials.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer will keep record of funds appropriated to the Staff Senate by the University.

Standing Subcommittees

The Standing Subcommittees of the Staff Senate shall be:

  • Bylaws Committee: This committee will advise Staff Senate members of bylaws and ensure that current bylaws are posted on the Staff Senate website.
  • Nominating and Election Committee: This committee will coordinate the annual Staff Senate election process, including but not limited to publicity, ballots, tabulation of votes, and announcement of elected representatives. This committee will also coordinate the process of filling subcommittee vacancies.
  • Staff Outreach Committee: This committee will focus on outreach designed to create a welcoming campus environment for staff that offers opportunities for engagement. The Staff Outreach Committee will monitor all ideas for such opportunities that staff submit via the “Marquette Momentum” link on the USS website and will also develop and implement initiatives, events and activities that promote staff interests.
  • Communication Committee: This committee will maintain the Staff Senate website and oversee communication between the Staff Senate and its constituents as well as the greater campus community.
  • Service Committee: This committee will develop and implement opportunities for staff to serve the larger community as part of Marquette’s commitment to be “women and men for others.”
  • Work Environment Committee: This committee will serve as the initial review board for any questions/concerns that a staff member submits through the USS website and email contact page or brings to the attention of a USS representative. The Work Environment Committee will regularly monitor the website/email for questions/concerns, acknowledge receipt of each inquiry and channel every issue to either the appropriate university unit with expertise on the matter or to the USS officers and chairs, who meet monthly. The USS officers and chairs will determine if the issue merits discussion among the full USS. This Committee will track each inquiry, ensuring a follow-up response in every instance.

The Staff Senate may on occasion create such other subcommittees or ad-hoc committees as it deems necessary.

Change of Bylaws

The Bylaws of the Staff Senate may be changed as necessary from time to time as determined by a two-thirds vote of the elected members. 

Amended: 8/17/2017


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