Mandatory Training Programming Registration Holds

You may have a registration hold on your account for one of the following reasons:

Fall Semester Required Training

  • You have not yet completed Sexual Assault Prevention
  • You have not yet completed AlcoholEDU
  • You did not attend It's All About Consent

To remove the hold from your account, you must do one or more of the following:

  1. Sexual Assault Prevention
    Complete Sexual Assault Prevention AND email when you have completed the training.
  2. AlcoholEDU
    Complete AlcoholEDU AND email when you have completed the training.
  3. It's All About Consent
    Choose one of the prompts below and write a 2 page (double spaced) response. Send to
    • Research and briefly write about the history of Title IX and the protections it offers for University Students who have faced gender-based harassment, discrimination, or sexual misconduct. Include information on Marquette’s Title IX policy and what services survivors at Marquette have access to, including the names and how to contact the Marquette staff members students can contact for support/to file a Title IX report.
    • If a friend disclosed to you that they had faced sexual violence, describe what your appropriate and supportive response would be. Include in your answer resources at Marquette and in Milwaukee that you could refer them to and describe how those resources could provide them support. Include the names and contact information for staff members who provide support to survivors and/or who survivors can report to.