Vector Solutions Safe Colleges  Log-In Instructions 

How to log on to the  Vector Solutions  Online Training Program:  

  1. Using your web browser, go to the web page:
  2. To access your assigned training, you will utilize your CheckMarq credentials. Log-in using your Marquette email and password.
  3. Your assigned course or courses will be listed on your personal  Safe  College  ‘My Assignments’ page under “Mandatory Training.”     
  4. Select any course by simply clicking on the name of the course.  The courses have audio so turn up your speakers if you wish to hear the narration. Complete all the training scenarios and the assessment to receive completion credit for the course. You will have the option to print out a Certification of Completion once you successfully complete the course.    

If you have any questions or problems with the site, please  contact: Wellness and Prevention Programs.

**Content of this website was changed on7/23/2021. In 2020 Marquette contracted with a Safe Colleges for our health and safety training modules.