National Marquette Day 2019

Dr. Xavier Cole, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Xavier Cole
Vice President for Student Affairs

February 7, 2019

Dear students,

This Saturday, Feb. 9, is National Marquette Day, a day of celebrating who we are as institution and who our mission calls us to be: a community living by our Guiding Values and an ethos of respect and care for self and others. The notion of cura personalis embodies who we are called to be – people who care deeply about our community and who we are within that community.

This is a weekend you’ll want to remember, a time spent with the friends you will have throughout your life. As a community comprising diverse backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints, we recognize and appreciate the significant number of Marquette students who choose not to drink. As an administration, we support that decision, as it is closely aligned with our mission.

Additionally, many of you have gone through Red Watch Band bystander intervention training. We ask that you watch out for each other and put this training to use if necessary. If you haven’t already, download the MUPD EagleEye app, which features a mobile BlueLight feature and Friend Walk, which allows you to track your friends’ locations from point A to point B.

The university adheres to its Good Samaritan Policy, but we expect students to uphold the community expectations expressed in the Student Conduct Code, including respect for self and for others, and to comply with municipal laws. Underage drinking, illegal substance use, abuse of alcohol and/or or high-risk use of alcohol are counter to our values of respect for self, others, property and authority, and often disrupt our ability to treat one another with dignity and respect. This impacts the safety and security of our entire community, especially the sense of belonging of those in our community who choose not to or cannot use alcohol.

In addition to cheering on our top-10-ranked men’s and women’s basketball teams, consider attending the following events that the university has planned for this weekend:

Friday, Feb. 8

  • National Marquette Day Pep Rally and Women’s Basketball game against Georgetown, 6 p.m. at the Al McGuire Center
    This event has been moved from Parking Lot D due to weather. Enjoy hot chocolate and s’more bars while cheering on the women’s basketball team with Marquette alumna and TV personality Rachel Lindsay. More information is online.
  • Craft Your Spirit, 9 p.m. in the AMU, Monaghan Ballroom
    Create various game-day crafts while enjoying free food.

Saturday, Feb. 9

  • Meet-Up at the Commons, 9 a.m. in Commons Dining Hall. Enjoy breakfast, swag giveaways and a Marquette-themed photo booth. Busses to the Men’s Basketball game will leave for the Fiserv Forum from the event.
  • Game-Watching Party, 12 p.m. in The Commons. Don't have game tickets? Join us in The Commons theater to cheer on the Golden Eagles as they take on Villanova.
  • Escape Rooms, 9 p.m. in the AMU, Marquette Place. Find clues, solve riddles and work together to escape the adventure with your team. Come solo or with a group to experience the puzzles for free.

National Marquette Day is our day. Make it one that shows the best of who we are as a community. Support our teams. Support our mission. Support each other.

Always remember, WE ARE MARQUETTE!

Xavier Cole, vice president for student affairs

Edith Hudson, chief of police

Bill Scholl, vice president and director of athletics



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