From the Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Xavier Cole, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Xavier Cole
Vice President for Student Affairs

September 30, 2019

Dear students,

Homecoming Week is a week our campus looks forward to each year. It’s a time for students, alumni, faculty and staff to come together and celebrate all that is good about the university and our community. This year especially, we celebrate two notable milestones: the Educational Opportunity Program’s 50th Anniversary and Marquette University Student Government’s 100th Anniversary on campus.

At its core, Homecoming is about celebrating our home – not just the place where we live or have lived – but the people and traditions that make Marquette feel like home. We all aspire to make Marquette a safe and inclusive environments for all students, alumni, faculty and staff. The use of alcohol and other drugs can alter the purpose of this important week.

Underage drinking and abuse or high-risk use of alcohol and other drugs is counter to our values of respect for self, others, property and authority, and often disrupts our ability to treat one another with dignity and respect. This impacts the sense of safety and security of our entire community, especially the sense of “home” and belonging for those members of our community who do not consume alcohol.

While you’re celebrating Homecoming this week, please keep the safety and well-being of your fellow students and yourself top-of-mind and follow these important safety reminders:

  • Don’t walk alone at night and look out for one another – no matter the time of day.
  • Stick to familiar paths and well-lit streets, report suspicious activities and use Campus Safety LIMOS.
  • Marquette has a Good Samaritan Policy because we expect that students will, indeed, care for their peers first and foremost in medical emergency situations. This means that if a student seeks help for another student in an emergency situation, the reporting student will not be assigned formal university disciplinary actions or sanctions for violations of university standards of conduct involving alcohol or drug use.
  • The university also has a number of resources available if you find a community member in need of help.

There are so many great events happening this week and weekend – bed races, Marquette Madness, the Saturday night concert, Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon 5K and Sunday Mass at the Church of the Gesu, just to name a few. A full list of Homecoming events is online.

Above all, I hope you all enjoy this week, take care of each other and safely celebrate all that Marquette has to offer.


Dr. Xavier Cole
Vice President for Student Affairs


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