Marquette Green Team

The Marquette Green Team is a relatively new, collaborative team of student, faculty, and staff leaders who advance sustainability through peer education, outreach, and engagement. Each Green Team member represents and leads a community of his or her choice or definition. To join, email

Example (fictional) Green Team members:

Name Student, faculty, or staff Represents and leads...
Jaci Mencher Student Straz Hall 5th Floor
Shanon Barnes Student Residence Hall Association
Braden Oghenekaro Student MU men's soccer team
Dallas Hadley Student Alpha Beta fraternity
Olivia Eidukas Student MUSG
Iman Carbone Staff Office of Student Development
Keala Martinov Staff Center for Peacemaking
Sandy Paige Staff College of Dentistry staff members
Larry Brown Staff Custodians
Sandy Paige Staff MUPD
Parris Akuchi Faculty College of Business faculty
Machlah Buchanan Faculty Engineering Hall faculty
    ↑ The individuals choose or define their communities

Green Team goals

  • Promote and create a more sustainable campus through peer education
  • Improve the sustainability literacy of our students, faculty, and staff
  • Foster a sustainability ethic and an engaging culture of sustainability that permeate campus

Green Team member leadership behaviors

  • Educate your community about sustainability and lead by example
  • Inspire your community to envision a greener future and make a difference
  • Challenge your community to change the status quo and look for green opportunities
  • Enable your community to embrace sustainability, take action, and collaborate
  • Encourage your community to recognize and share sustainability accomplishments

Green Team member expectations and responsibilities

  • Serve as a leader and peer educator for sustainability
  • Select a community to lead toward a more sustainable life
  • Act as an ambassador, liaison, and communicator between sustainability and your community
  • Learn and share your community's sustainability strengths, experiences, challenges, opportunities, and ideas
  • Attend Green Team meetings and activities (approximately one team meeting and/or team activity each month)
  • Plan sustainability outreach, education, and engagement for your community (at least one community activity per semester)
  • Engage with the Green Team and your community through social media, email, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Ask for guidance and support, and collaborate with others: this is complicated (but fun) work!

Benefits of being a Green Team member

  • Promote and create a campus that is more engaged in sustainability
  • Develop and demonstrate sustainability leadership
  • Improve your awareness and knowledge about sustainability topics
  • Learn values and skills for sustainability management
  • Gain valuable experiences in planning and implementing sustainability
  • Develop fun, meaningful relationships with like-minded colleagues and other stakeholders or mentors


  • Not sure what community or what size community you want to represent and lead? We will help you define and rightsize it. For example, for someone who wants to represent all of Schroeder Hall, we might recommend they represent only one floor or some other subset of the whole hall, or recommend they team up with a colleague or two.
  • Ask for your community's support or endorsement prior to joining the Green Team, and/or inform your community that you are its Green Team representative.

Green Team meetings

Green Team meetings will include open yet organized time for information-sharing, plus planning time for developing your activities and strategies:

  • Share sustainability updates from your community
  • Discuss your community's sustainability successes and challenges
  • Share sustainability information and resources
  • Collaborate, advise, and help each other with developing activities or strategies
    • Brainstorming, planning, decision-making, contacts, navigating MU, cutting through red tape

Meetings may also include:

  • Team building
  • Sub-committees (e.g. Residence Life Green Team members, Athletics Green members)
  • Guest speakers, site visits / field trips
  • "Homework" as needed

Meeting dates:

  • For calendar planning, here are some subject-to-change meeting dates/times:
    • Tuesday, January 29, 2019 at 6:00p - Johnston Hall 338

Community activities

 We expect each Green Team member to plan at least one activity for their community per semester. They will have plenty of support, resources, and advice from Marquette Sustainability, fellow Green Team members, and other contacts and stakeholders. Collaboration and joint events (and creativity) are great!

Here are a few example activities, but we could probably list hundreds:

  • Have a trash sorting party to raise awareness about waste and recycling
  • Promote sustainability at an athletic event
  • Create reusable bags from old t-shirts
  • Coordinate a visit to our campus beehive
  • Visit a local community garden, help build and decorate rain barrels
  • Tour the facility that processes our campus recycling (walkable from MU)
  • Organize a nature walk or tree walk
  • Volunteer to clean up a riverbank, natural area, park, or neighborhood
  • Host a movie screening, guest spearker, lunch-and-learn, or panel
  • Enjoy a vegan or vegetarian lunch or dinner
  • Plan or join/attend an event to celebrate Earth Day, World Water Day, World Wildlife Day, etc.

To join the Green Team, email