Copyright Violation Procedure

Marquette University takes copyright infringement seriously, and IT Services investigates, to the extent possible, all notices received from copyright owners (or their representatives) regarding alleged infringement.

If the alleged offender can be identified, IT Services will notify the individual via email, according to the following process:

  1. Upon the first offense, the offender will receive a warning, and be asked to cease the activity immediately. The offender will be provided with the details of the alleged infringement.
  2. Upon the second offense, the offender will receive a warning indicating that it is their second copyright infringement offense, and that if a third offense occurs, their access to the Internet will be terminated and other disciplinary actions may also occur, per the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The offender will again be provided with the details of the alleged infringement.
  3. Upon the third offense, the offender will receive notification that their Internet service will be terminated due to misuse of E-resources in violation of Marquette’s AUP; other disciplinary actions may occur, including, but not limited to: referring the incident to student conduct, referring the incident to Human Resources, termination, or expulsion.

The university encourages all members of the Marquette community to obtain artistic works legally. Find more information about Legal Access to Music, Movies and TV Shows.

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