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Welcome to the Department of Theology and our web site, which will give you what you need to know about our faculty and our academic programs.

Theology at Marquette

Theology at Marquette University represents a contemporary Catholic vision engaging with the multiple theological voices of other faith traditions. The Theology Department at Marquette university is an outgrowth of the vision of the Second Vatican Council. Theology today puts theology in dialogue with popular culture and the culture of the marketplace at the same time it continues its historical work to understand the texts and theologians of the past. This dialogic encounter encompasses not only professional theologians and church ministers, but also individuals and institutions that represent major vectors in the interplay of contemporary cultural dynamics such as business, government, media, science, and the arts.

Formation of Hearts and Minds

Theology at Marquette is personally transformative, grounded in Jesuit spirituality and pedagogy, informed by dialogue with the Catholic intellectual tradition and Catholic social teaching, and formative in developing men and women of faith and service for and with others.

Theology within Marquette University

Dr. WoodThe Department has played a key role in task forces planning and implementing the new core curriculum and is developing undergraduate courses that will effectively achieve the goals of the University’s Core Curriculum and that will promote the growth of the theology major. The Department is committed to exploring the possibilities for greater integration of research and teaching with colleagues in other departments and colleges and has hired new faculty with these research skills and interests.

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Susan Wood, SCL

Professor and Chair