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Rev. Joseph G. Mueller, S.J., S.T.D.

Joseph G. Mueller
Rev. Joseph G. Mueller, S.J., S.T.D.Marquette University

Marquette Hall, 332

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 288-6884
Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor

Theology Department (Systematic Theology)

Joseph G. Mueller, S.J. (S.T.D., Centre Sèvres, Paris, 2005), [Systematics/Ethics], specializes in ecclesiology and early Christian theology, especially the Church order literature of the first five centuries and its Old Testament exegesis. His L'Ancien Testament dans l'ecclésiologie des Pères: Une lecture des Constitutions apostoliques, was published by Brepols in February 2005, and in 2017 his co-translated and -edited book of articles by Yves Congar on the Holy Spirit entitled Spirit of God: Short Writings on the Holy Spirit was published by The Catholic University of America Press. His most recent publications include articles on the Trinitarian theology of the Apostolic Constitutions and on marriage and family law in the church order literature. He is working on a book-length treatment of the ancient Church order tradition. He plans to finish in the coming months articles on why Christian ministers were called priests in the ancient Church, the application of social identity theory to the priestly identity of ministers in the second century, and a study of the challenges common to both liberal and conservative ecclesiologies. From 2008 until 2015 he worked as a member of the team representing the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on the Faith and Order Commission of the National Council of Churches of Christ. He has taught the master’s-level introduction to systematic theology and doctoral courses on Augustine’s De Trinitate, on eschatology, on fundamental theology, and on Yves Congar, and he has directed doctoral research into Mariology, fundamental theology, and early Christian ecclesiology and theology. He has been the Rector of the Jesuit Community at Marquette University since July 2017.

Courses Taught

  • Systematic Theology
  • Early Christian Ecclesiology

Additional Information

Professional Vision

Because Marquette is a Catholic university, its Theology Department plays an essential role in the University’s mission.  I teach and research theology because I am convinced that God has sent me to do this through my religious superiors for the purpose of serving the Church. I have studied ecclesiology because a deeper understanding of it will help the Christian churches to deepen their union. I have studied the Fathers of the Church because I have always found in them a freshness, spark, and wisdom that inspire me to love more passionately the Christian way and because I think that presenting the Fathers to others can help them also to this greater love. God has worked powerfully through my teachers to bring me closer to his way, and I wish to be such an instrument for the good of others. My work contributes to what I see as the unique character and work of Marquette's Theology Department in at least these four ways. First, to the extent that there is a Jesuit manner of being a theologian, I incarnate this manner in part. Second, my work in ecclesiology contributes to the ecumenical orientation of the Department and to its expertise in ecclesiology. Third, my assignment to the systematic section of the Department and my familiarity with and love for the earlier witnesses of our tradition contribute to our Department's orientation toward a unified cultivation of theology as a discipline straddling the fault lines of American specialized study. I can in this way also contribute to our department's rootedness in the catholic tradition, even in its consideration of the most contemporary issues. Fourth, my collaboration with scholars in Canada, Europe, and the Near East contributes to the international reach that our department prizes.

Office Hours - Spring 2020

  • Tu 1:00-2:30
  • W 10:30-12:00

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