Symposia and Lectures

The Center for Transnational Justice sponsors programs including symposia, conferences, workshops, student conferences and lecture series.


LEMR Conference

March 24-27, 2021: AEGS Virtual Conference on "Liminal Existences and Migrant Resistances." 

We invite you to attend the Liminal Existences and Migrant Resistances Conference, sponsored by the Center for Transnational Justice and the English Department at Marquette University. The conference will be held virtually from 3/24 to 3/27/2021. The conference is open to all students, faculty, and community members, so please feel free to access the panel links in the program below:

Conference Program

For more information about the conference or to be added to the list of attendees directly, contact Ibtisam M. Abujad at



[RESCHEDULED for March 24-27, 2021] AEGS Conference on Migrancy. March 20-21, 2020: CTJ is cosponsoring a conference by the Marquette Forum and the English Department on "Liminal Existences and Migrant Resistances." Keynote speakers will include Dr. Dinorah Cortes-Velez (Marquette), Janan Najeeb (Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition), and Dr. Tosin Gbogi (Marquette). For additional detail contact



Conference on the Trauma of Torture: November 15-16, 2019: CTJ cosponsored a conference by the Department of Philosophy on the Trauma of Torture. Other sponsors included the Center for Peacemaking. For additional detail contact, Dr. Jessica Wolfendale, Department of Philosophy.

California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race: October 18-19, 2019: CTJ cosponsored a meeting of the California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race to be held at Marquette. The keynote speaker was Prof. Paul Taylor, author of three books, Black Is Beautiful: A Philosophy of Black Aesthetics, On Obama, and Race: A Philosophical Introduction, and professor of philosophy at Vanderbilt University. For additional information contact Dr. Grant Silva, Department of Philosophy.



Challenges for Researchers in Violent Environments.Summer 2018 Global School Seminar in El Salvador, June 14-21, 2018. This workshop in El Salvador invites academics and other researchers (journalists and human rights advocates) from different countries to explore themes related to fieldwork in violent and sometimes dangerous contexts. Co-sponsored with the Cristosal Center for Research and Learning and the Human Rights Center at the University of Dayton. Scholars interested in participating must register with Cristosal at by March 15, 2018, and should send a paper abstract and CV to Dr. Noelle Brigden at by April 1, 2018.



The Marquette Democracy Project. Project linking international activists, students, and the broader Marquette and Milwaukee communities. Sponsored by the Center for Transnational Justice. Cosponsors for specific visits have included the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, the Marquette University Law School, Office of International Education and Political Science Department.

MDP Activist visits in the spring of 2019: Stephanie Lacambra, Electronic Freedom Frontier; the Family of Dontre Hamilton; David Archambault, former Tribal Chairman of Standing Rock Sioux.

MDP Activist visits in the spring of 2018: Alan Butler, Electronic Privacy Information Center

MDP Activist visits in the spring of 2017: Maryam Al-Khawaja, Bahrain; Clare Byarugaba, Uganda; Wael Ghonim, Egypt; Frey Tomás, Mexico.


Conferences and Symposium

"What was Achieved? Migration, Impunity and Social Justice after the Peace Accords in El Salvador and Guatemala," Conference co-sponsored by the Center for Transnational Justice, Marquette University, October 27–28, 2016

"Global Heath Symposium," Symposium co-sponsored by the Center for Transnational Justice and the Office of International Education, September 30, 2016



poster "Integrity of Memory: 'Comfort Women' in Focus." Center for Transnational Justice workshop, May 1, 2015, Marquette University, Milwaukee.

Organized by Dr. Eunah Lee (Philosophy, Marquette) this one-day workshop combined art exhibitions, panels and breakout sessions. Approximately 75 people attended the event. The workshop featured: a keynote address by Uemura Takashi, journalist and lecturer (Hokusei Gakuen University, Sapporo, Japan) with interpretation by Dr. Norma Field (University of Chicago); the documentary film Comfort Women Wanted and remarks by multimedia artist and director Chang-Jin Lee; and panel presentations by Dr. Nan Kim (UW–Milwaukee), Professor Lisa Laplante (New England Law School), and Dr. Michael Wert (History, Marquette). The program was supported by the center and the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences.


Student Conference

"Negotiating in a Polarized Society." Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies 26th Annual Student Conference, hosted by the Marquette Center for Peacemaking. Co-sponsored by the Center for Transnational Justice. March 30, 2012, Marquette University.



"Name, Shame and Compliance." Center for Transnational Justice workshop, May 13–14, 2011, Marquette University, Milwaukee.

In May 2011, the center hosted a workshop on unpacking the political processes and impact of naming and shaming. The workshop brought together leading scholars and policy practitioners from issue areas including human rights, transitional justice, transnational crime and corporate social responsibility.

Workshop participants included: Robert Beck (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee), Thomas Biersteker (The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva), Andrea Bertone (, Jeffrey Drope (Marquette), James Franklin (Ohio Wesleyan University), H. Richard Friman (Marquette), Kelly Greenhill (Tufts and Harvard University), Virginia Haufler (University of Maryland), Dongwook Kim (Marquette), Robert Kudrle (University of Minnesota), Lisa Laplante (Marquette University Law School), Mark Nance (North Carolina State University), William Schulz (formerly of Amnesty International USA), Susannah Sirkin (Physicians for Human Rights), Alex Vines (Chatham House), and Eric Wiebelhaus-Brahm (University of Arkansas at Little Rock).

A panel building on the workshop was presented at the joint meeting of the British International Studies Association and International Studies Association (BISA-ISA) in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2012. An edited volume based on significantly revised versions of project working papers was published in 2015 as The Politics of Leverage in International Relations: Name, Shame and Sanction (Palgrave Macmillan).


"The International Community and the Future of Afghanistan." Dr. Heinz-Gerhard Justenhoven, director of the Institute for Theology and Peace, Hamburg, professor of political philosophy, University of Freiburg. September 11, 2011, Marquette University.

"The Challenge of Human Trafficking in Wisconsin." Jeff Stillings, supervisory special agent, ICE-Homeland Security Investigations, Milwaukee, March 24, 2011, Marquette University.

"Cuidad Juarez: The Definitive Neoliberal City." Verónica Leyva, grassroots organizer, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. February 8, 2011, Marquette University.



"Why We Leave? A First Hand Account of Migration to the U.S." Nelly Ortiz, organizer, Cleaning Power, Albany Park Autonomous Center. December 2, 2009, Marquette University.

"Issues in Immigration Reform." Christine Neumann-Ortiz, executive director of Voces de la Frontera, November 17, 2009, Marquette University.

"Issues in Immigration Reform." Fred Tsao, policy director, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Co-sponsored with Soup with Substance, November 3, 2009, Marquette University.



"The Challenge of Modern Day Slavery." Lecture by Dr. Kevin Bales, Free The Slaves, April 15, 2008, Marquette University.

"Ending Global Slavery." Lecture co-sponsored with Soup with Substance, April 16, 2008, Marquette University. Preceded with meetings with Milwaukee-area representatives of social service and law enforcement agencies working to combat human trafficking.



"Brewing Social Justice: A Conversation About Fair Trade." Institute of Transnational Justice co-sponsored panel discussion. March 20, 2007, Marquette University.

"Reaching around the World: The Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Diaspora Project." Lecture by Dr. Eric Brahm, UNLV and consultant to the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission Diaspora Project, October 5, 2007, Marquette University.



"International Political Economy and Crime." Workshop held under the auspices of the Institute for Transnational Justice, May 11–13, 2006, Marquette University, Milwaukee.

In May 2006, the institute hosted an International Political Economy Crime Workshop focused on exploring the contributions that the field of IPE can make to our understandings of global crime and crime control. The workshop brought together 10 leading scholars of the illicit economy. Workshop participants included Ethan Nadelmann (Drug Policy Alliance), Peter Andreas (Brown University), H. Richard Friman (Marquette), Herman Schwartz (University of Virginia), James Mittelman (American University), Ronen Palan (University of Sussex), John Picarelli (American University), Kamal Sadiq (University of California-Irvine), William Reno (Northwestern University), Monica Serrano (El Colegio de Mexico), and Marieke de Geode (University of Amsterdam).

Two panels based on papers from the workshop were organized for and presented at the 2007 Meeting of the International Studies Association in Chicago. An edited volume based on a selection of extensively revised papers from the workshop was published in 2009 as Crime and the Global Political Economy (Lynne Rienner).

"New Media and Citizenship in China." Working group conference co-sponsored by the Institute for Transnational Justice and the University of Wisconsin–Madison Global Studies Program, and coordinated by Dr. Barrett McCormick. University of Wisconsin–Madison, May 26–27, 2006.


"Peace Patriots." Institute of Transnational Justice co-sponsorship of campus visit by Robbie Leepzer and film Peace Patriots, November 6, 2006, Marquette University.



"Human Trafficking in the Western Balkans." Workshop held at the University of Pittsburgh under the auspices of the Ford Institute for Human Security and the Institute for Transnational Justice, May 13–15, 2005, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

In 2005, the institute and the Ford Institute for Human Security at the University of Pittsburgh began a consortium project exploring human trafficking in the Balkans. The project was codirected by Dr. Simon Reich (Pitt) and Dr. H. Richard Friman (Marquette), and coordinated by Friman. The first workshop, funded by a $40,000 grant from the Ford Institute, was held at the University of Pittsburgh, May 13–15, 2005. The workshop brought together 10 authors with international reputations in broad thematic and/or country expertise on issues of trafficking, crime and paths to sustainable peace in the Balkans to initiate discussion and establish the basis for policy proposals.

Workshop participants included Peter Andreas (Brown University), Andrea Bertone (University of Maryland and, Adia Hozic (University of Florida), Nicole Lindstrom (Central European University, Hungary), Vasilika Hysi (University of Tirana, Albania) Gabriela Koneska (personal political adviser to Dr. Erhard Busek, SECI coordinator and special coordinator of the Stability Pact SEE; former head of the Stability Pact Secretariat at the Initiative to Fight Organized Crime), Lynellyn Long (independent consultant and former chief of mission for international organization for migration, Bosnia-Herzegovina), Julie Mertus (American University), and Martina Vandenberg (Jenner & Block, former Europe researcher women’s rights division for Human Rights Watch). An edited volume based on revised papers presented at the workshop was published in 2007 as Human Trafficking, Human Security and the Balkans (University of Pittsburgh Press).


"Truth Report." Institute for Transnational Justice co-sponsorship visit by Rev. Rigoberto Perez Garrido, co-author of the Guatemalan Catholic Church's Truth Report, November 22, 2005, Marquette University.



"Challenges and Paths to Justice." Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies and Institute for Transnational Justice, WIPCS Twentieth Annual Conference, October 6–8, 2004, Marquette University, Milwaukee.