Eileen Thomasmeyer

Eileen Thomasmeyer

Trinity Fellow Class of 2011

Graduate Program: MA, Public Service- Nonprofit Specialization

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: Political Science and Spanish, Villanova University

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: Adult Learning Center

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

Vincentian Service Corps, 2008-2009

Service Experience:

With Vincentian Service Corps West in Los Angeles, I worked at Chrysalis, a nonprofit that aids economically disadvantaged people in the process of finding and securing employment, for one year. My title at Chrysalis was Employment Specialist, and my responsibilities included working with clients to build an employment plan, set achievable goals, reduce structural and motivational barriers to employment, and develop the skills needed to secure and maintain employment, monitoring daily job search activities while addressing issues of incarceration, substance use, and checkered employment histories and presenting daily orientation and classes on interview preparation.

Trinity Fellowship Experience:

The Trinity Fellows program taught me a great deal about what it takes to work in the nonprofit industry. My Public Service classes instilled in me the importance of ethical leadership and I was challenged to assess each problem from multiple points of view. In the program, I was also able to take a few business courses as electives, which gave me another perspective on leadership and progress.

In my work placement, I was able to connect with the people of Milwaukee, and see how a nonprofit functions on a daily basis. I gained a number of new skills, met many movers and shakers from the Milwaukee nonprofit community, and learned how important multitasking can be. As a result of participating in this program, I am a much more confident young professional and I believe that the simultaneous work-school model is a perfect way to launch a nonprofit career.

Plans after graduation:

I am moving to Sacramento where I hope to find a job with a nonprofit doing development/ marketing work. Ideally, I would like to work with an organization that serves women or girls or does something related to employment.

Current Position:

Grants Manager, Placer Community Foundation

Fellows Class of 2011

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