Fonda Held

Trinity Fellow Class of 2016

Graduate Program: Educational Policy and Foundations (EDPF)

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: Social Studies Education (7-12), Miami Uviveristy of Ohio

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: Carmen High School, Special Assistant ot Head of Schools

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

My AmeriCorps program focused on educational services in Chicago. I was placed in a startup charter high school and performed a variety of responsibilities inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to co-teaching 9th grade social studies, I managed after school programming, which included tutoring and enrichment. I also founded student council and coached girl’s softball, as well as created several service learning opportunities for students within the community.

Trinity Fellowship Experience:

Like my AmeriCorps experience, Trinity placed me in a charter network that currently has three campuses in Milwaukee. My first year focused heavily on expansion and I learned a lot about working with the school board, superintendent, and community organizations. In my second year, I worked more closely with the network administration team and had the privilege of working with school leaders to develop their instructional leadership. I was able to apply a lot of my course work to my Trinity placement.

I loved my academic experience because there are several great professors in the EDPF program. They truly teach with a social justice lens and challenged me consistently throughout my time at Marquette. I plan to reach out to them as I move forward in my journey and am grateful for their mentorship. I’ve definitely become a more open minded and flexible person as a result of my Trinity experience.

Plans after graduation:

I am moving to southern California to join the leadership team of a startup charter high school.

Current Position:

Assistant Vice Principal, USC College Prep Santa Ana

Fellows Class of 2013

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