N. Hale Sargent

Hale Sargent

Trinity Fellow Class of 2005

Graduate Program: MA, Communications

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs, Miami University

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: St. Aemilian-Lakeside, Marketing Coordinator

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

Peace Corps, 1998-2000, Armenia

Service Experience:

Serving in the Peace Corps is adventurous because it's unpredictable. I joined right out of college, expecting to work in Latin America but ended up in the Caucasus Mountains instead. I worked in Gyumri, Armenia, a large, industrial city that was leveled by an earthquake in 1988. I taught English at a local college and worked with another school to repair its damaged auditorium. For me, the Peace Corps was a wonderful experience in a remote corner of the world. In addition to the Peace Corps, I volunteered with NISGUA as a human rights monitor in rural Guatemala.

Trinity Fellowship Experience:

I think the Trinity Fellowship captures the same sense of adventure as the Peace Corps. My Trinity placement was as Marketing Coordinator for St. Aemilian-Lakeside, a child welfare services agency. It was a new job. In an industry I knew nothing about. In a city I'd never been to. And I'd be starting graduate school at the same time. Trinity was a challenge and an adventure.

The great thing about Trinity is that so many parties are invested in your success. My supervisors, Marquette, and the Trinity Program all supported me as I grew into school and into my new position. At St. Aemilian-Lakeside, I completed marketing, web development, advocacy, and event planning projects with a new sense of confidence. Skills I developed in the classroom and on the job complemented each other in unexpected ways, particularly in the use of new technologies. And working in the nonprofit sector plugged me into the community in ways unknowable to students who never leave campus.

Current Position:

Marketing & Communications Program Director, Dohmen Company Foundation

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