Jeremie Kasmarcak

Jeremie Kasmarcak

Trinity Fellow Class of 2008

Graduate Program: MA, Public Service, Nonprofit Specialization

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: Marquette University

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: Badger Association of the Blind, Executive Project Coordinator/ Communications Fellow

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

AmeriCorps, 2005-2006, New York City; 2004-2005, Baltimore

Service Experience:

Prior to Trinity I completed two years of AmeriCorps service. I worked for Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity in Baltimore. My role there focused on direct service to the community by working on the construction team and Family Services department. I also worked as a VISTA Leader with the New York City Coalition Against Hunger.

Trinity Fellowship Experience:

The graduate course work, work placement and program structure provided by Trinity helped me to learn about myself on both a personal and professional level. Over the past two years I have learned about what goes into running a nonprofit, office culture and local and national trends in nonprofits. I also took my time with Trinity to explore and identify type of work and office environment that I want to work in after graduation. The Trinity experience has left me more focused and prepared for my future in nonprofit management and with a strong network of friends and relationships.

Plans after graduation:

I will be moving to New York City and working as the Manager of Elementary Programs at the Endowment for Inner-city Education in Manhattan.

Current Position:

Senior Manager, Team for Kids at New York Road Runners

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