Joseph Kaltenberg

Trinity Fellow Class of 2015

Graduate Program: Educational Policy and Foundations

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: Exercise Science, P.E. Teacher Certification, UW-La Crosse

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: City Year Milwaukee, Training and Evaluation

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

I served in the Peace Corps as a Rural Education Specialist in Zambia. During my time I served a rural village school as a co-teacher in 8/9th grade English and primary teacher in 8/9th grade Geography. I conducted a resource assessment of 6 schools for the Ministry of Education District Education Board. I also organized community resources towards the rehabilitation of athletic fields, purchased equipment, trained coaches and created a handbook for a zonal athletic program.

Trinity Fellowship Experience:

My academic experience was characterized by challenging and engaging course content, caring and knowledgeable professors, and a social justice orientation. There were a number of options for scheduling classes aligned with my interests. Projects were relevant to the field of education and proved to be valuable experiences for my own professional development and for networking purposes.

My agency experience was difficult but extremely valuable. It represented an opportunity to not only fill a need for a local organization, but to grow as a professional. I was lucky enough to have a great supervisor who understood what the program was all about and allowed me the autonomy I wanted, and the structure I needed to be productive. I was doing good work and learning at the same time.

Perhaps the most impactful part of this experience was learning about all the amazing things happening in Milwaukee. The program allows you opportunities to learn from city leaders and have access to them in ways I never would have had otherwise. It was great from a networking standpoint and helped me develop a connection to the city that would not have been possible on my own.

Plans after graduation:

I have accepted a position as program coordinator for MKE Plays, an initiative of Common Council President, Michael Murphy, focused on the rehabilitation of city parks using community input for design and construction. More broadly, I hope to work with youth, using sport/recreation as a tool for physical, social, and emotional development.

I am also pursuing opportunities in sustainable housing development, with a particular interesting in shared/cooperative living and urban homesteading.

Current Position:

Program Coordinator for MKE Plays

Fellows Class of 2013

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