Lee Valentyn

Trinity Fellow Class of 2015

Graduate Program: International Affairs

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: Psychology and Spanish, Carroll College

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: Journey House, Assistant Director - Community Relations, and Volunteer Coordinator, Community Events Assistant

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

What I remember most about my time in Nicaragua with the Capuchin Franciscan Volunteer Corps is the hospitality of the people. Always willing to share (food, time, laughs), no matter how limited their resources might have been. I learned to build relationships intentionally and to navigate the ever-changing waters of compromise. Hand-washing my laundry gave me time to reflect on my relationships, duties as a teacher’s aide and tutor, and my next steps in life. I grew in many ways from my 18 months there.

Trinity Fellowship Experience:

Above all, I will remember the experiences I shared with the fellows in my cohort. Attending conferences together, sharing a post-class beer at Murphy’s, and volunteering together, we were able to grow and understand one another in important ways. Most importantly, I think we really took an interest in each other’s lives and any successes or challenges we came across.

My studies in International Affairs challenged my worldview and helped me to gain a better understanding not only of international relationships, but also local relationships. My courses taught me to think critically about information presented to me and how it may or may not be pertinent, depending on the context.

Finally, my agency placement at Journey House allowed me to explore new professional opportunities that made me a better person and co-worker. I felt privileged to work at an organization that has such a longstanding relationship with the Trinity Fellows Program. As in the case in many nonprofits, the people who work at Journey House are sincere in their desire to do social good. I enjoyed working with them and will look forward to continuing to spend time with them in other professional and social setting when I can.

Current Position:

Project Director at Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative Milwaukee

Fellows Class of 2013

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