Luis Arzaluz

Trinity Fellow Class of 2016

Graduate Program: Applied Economics

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: BA Economics, University of South Carolina

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: Centro Hispano, Health Education Assistant & Covering Wisconsin, Navigator Marketplace Specialist

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

Community Healthcorp New York City; Christ House Washington, DC.

Prior to enrolling in Marquette University as a Trinity Fellow, I did two years of service. The first year was in New York City through a Community Health Corps program, where I was placed at the Institute for Family Health. At the Institute, I was engaged in public health interventions in the South Bronx related to childhood obesity and diabetes among the adult Latino population. During my time at the Institute for Family Health, I also researched health services for Medicaid patients seeking cardiology care in order to address health disparities based on insurance status. In my second year of service, I was part of year-long volunteer program at Christ House, a medical facility for the homeless in DC. At Christ House, I was mainly involved in healthcare administration working behind the scenes in non-medical duties so that our medical and addictions-recovery programs ran smoothly. Christ House exposed me to the health administration and direct services for indigent populations suffering from complex health problems.

Trinity Fellowship Experience:

Trinity is an invaluable experience, and it has been crucial to my development professionally and academically. I enrolled in the Master of Science in Applied Economics at Marquette, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the program. Dr. Nourzad, head of graduate economics, and Dr. Wagner, a health economist and my thesis adviser, have been tremendous resources in my development as a young economist. The program, as a whole, is a hands-on two-year experience in economic analysis that is well sought by employers from all sorts of industries. The program is without question rigorous, it prepares you have strong econometric skills and be well versed in economic research, which can be applicable to solving and/or inferring about any societal or industry problem. I was placed at two agencies during my fellowship. Both have been strong experiences in developing me as a professional. At Centro Hispano, my first placement, I learned about the complex structure of non-profits and also their limited capacity and challenges. I am especially thankful to my supervisor, Tony Rivera, who took the time to mentor me on real life nonprofit organizational and financial challenges. At Centro Hispano, I also learned more about the needs of the Latino community in Milwaukee as far as healthcare disparities, knowledge that prepared me to tackle problems during my next placement, Covering Wisconsin.

At Covering Wisconsin (CWI) I was more focused on issues specific to the field of healthcare insurance. I worked in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act through marketing, direct enrollment, and policy research. One of the biggest successes of my Trinity Fellowship experience was being part of CWI during the 2015 Marketplace Open Enrollment Period, leading Milwaukee to win the White House Healthy Communities Challenge in year over year enrollment figures among 20 other major cities. As a result, I had the opportunity to attend President Obama’s congratulatory speech, in which he recognized the efforts of Covering Wisconsin in achieving such insurance enrollment figures. Overall, Trinity has provided me with a competitive and excellent education, while giving me great working experience and insights on my professional future.

Plans after graduation:

I will be relocating to Washington, DC, to start a health graduate fellowship in the US Congress through the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. I will be working in Capitol Hill on federal legislative matters related to healthcare. I will begin my fellowship with the minority (democratic) staff in the Senate’s Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions led by Senator Patty Murray.

Current Position:

Associate, Dobson DaVanzo & Associates in Washington, D.C.

Fellows Class of 2013

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