Margie Perry

Margie Perry

Trinity Fellow Class of 2004

Graduate Program: MBA

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: Actuarial Science and Mathematics, Central Missouri State University

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: Horizon's, Inc., Planning and Development Specialist

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

Peace Corps, 1999-2001, Astana, Kazakhstan

Service Experience:

My service experience prior to the Trinity Fellows program was as an Economic Development Peace Corps volunteer in Astana, Kazakhstan. My primary assignment was to teach market economics at a local high school. I also taught business and market economics at the local university. I also participated in teacher seminars that were organized through our community's English Language Resource Center. In addition to my teaching, I worked with the Kazakhstan National Bank on their Pension Reform Project.

Trinity Fellowship Experience:

I chose the Trinity Fellows program because of the opportunity to pursue my Masters degree and simultaneously work in a non-profit agency. I think that the program is exciting because of the opportunity it presented to pursue my MBA while focusing on non-profit management. Over the past two years at Marquette, I have had many challenges both in my school and professional work. The balancing act between school and work proved to be more challenging than I had anticipated. It was quite an adjustment to get back into the routine of studying, preparing for class and working in a job where my role had to be created.

My work assignment has been at Horizons, Inc., which is an inner-city non-profit agency that serves women offenders. I currently work as the Associate Director and I am responsible for assisting the agency in supporting and enhancing business aspects of the agency for long-range and short-range planning. This includes fund development, database development, Web site development, marketing and strategic planning.

Aside from my academic preparation, the program has allowed me to gain insight into the non-profit sector of our economy and the role that it plays in serving the social needs of our community.

Current Position:

Consultant, Business Owner, Iowa

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