Mike Majer

Trinity Fellow Class of 2015

Graduate Program: Civil Engineering

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: Physics, University of Wisconsin River falls

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: International Institute of Wisconsin

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

  • US Peace Corps, 2006-2012
  • Cape Verde – Organized and implemented a drip irrigation system
  • China – Taught University oral English full time to classes of 40 students
  • Senegal – Extended improved varieties of crop seed to rural farmers

Trinity Fellowship Experience:

My placement at International Institute of Wisconsin (IIW) was rewarding, challenging and provided an outlet for my unique talent set. One of IIW’s main roles is refugee resettlement. The US government has an interest in giving refugees a new home, and they use nonprofit contractures like us to teach English and US culture, and provide initial jobs, food, and housing. I structured a client database, taught new arrivals, and developed English language and cultural orientation videos.

Personally and professionally, I learned a lot about the mind-boggling complexity of the inefficient, bureaucratic, counterintuitive US welfare system. I also learned to speak Burmese, direct and edit videos, and structure databases. On the whole, my work experience was quite interesting and enjoyable.

Plans after graduation:

I plan to work with a structural engineering firm to gain experience. Eventually, I would like to try to tie my math and computer skills into a business plan that makes some significant contribution to humanity. Long term, I would like my livelihood to play a positive role in the future of the planet.

Current Position:

Structural Designer, Pierce Engineers

Fellows Class of 2013

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