Mike Quinn

Trinity Fellow Class of 2002

Graduate Program: MA, Applied Philosophy

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: Psychology and Philosophy, Boston College

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: Journey House, Associate Manager of Development for Capitol Campaign

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

Jesuit Volunteer Corps,1999-2000, Montana

Service Experience:

I first heard of the Trinity Fellows Program when I saw an ad for it in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps: Northwest newsletter. It was March of 2000, and I reached the point in my JV year where one begins to think about "next year." I had been enjoying my ministry experience in the Montana homeless shelter where I worked, and I did not want to ruin the moment by thinking about the future. Nonetheless, the question lurked behind all of my thoughts, and it did not rest until I saw the ad for the Trinity Fellows Program.

The fellowship appealed to me for two reasons. As an erstwhile philosophy student contemplating an academic career, the master's curriculum of the fellowship promised a much needed glimpse of graduate study. As a young man concerned with social justice, the work experience at a Milwaukee nonprofit posed a captivating challenge. Taken together, these two dimensions of the fellowship laid claim to two important facets of my personality. Therefore, it made sense for me to make the move to Milwaukee as a new Trinity fellow.

Trinity Fellows Experience:

My first year in the program was exciting at best, very difficult at worst. On one hand, I was experiencing both school and work at a whole new level. My ethics classes introduced me to new ways of approaching moral conflicts, while my fund-raising duties at a local nonprofit enhanced transferable skills I never knew I had. On the other hand, I found it very difficult to leave my Boston College and JVC friends behind and come to a new job, school and city. I struggled to process the Trinity fellows experience, and it really took awhile for me to get settled. Once I did, though, it became clear to me that I made the right choice.

The Trinity Fellows Program has brought me to a place in my life where I can effectively develop my interests and abilities. The multifaceted learning experience I have enjoyed thus far has convinced me of two very important things: (1) I have a place here in Milwaukee's nonprofit community and (2) I do not have one in any Ph.D. program! After learning to survive in nonprofit work, I have come to thrive as my agency's webmaster, grant writer and co-fundraiser. These realizations have sharpened my focus and clarified my goals. The professional opportunities I have discovered here are intriguing and diverse: it is high time I walked through these newly opened doors.

I am very pleased with the personal and professional growth I have experienced in the Trinity Fellows Program. Thanks to this experience, I have found a purpose, a job and a home here in Milwaukee.

Current Position:

Writer, Donor Relations, Dana-Faber Cancer Institute

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