Rebbecca Jordan

Rebbecca Jordan

Trinity Fellow Class of 2005

Graduate Program: MA, Public Service, Nonprofit

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: Elementary Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: Milwaukee Center for Independence, Human Services Project Coordinator

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

Peace Corps, 2000-2002, Jordan

Service Experience:

While growing up in small town Wisconsin, the notion of someday joining the Peace Corps intrigued me. Upon graduating from college, I found myself teaching English is a small Bedouin village in the midst of the Jordanian desert. As the first Peace Corps volunteer (and first foreigner) to live in my village, I learned a great deal about the threads that bind us all as human beings. I witnessed attitudes in the area as they slowly shifted from cautionary optimism, to despair at the increasingly volatile political atmosphere. I learned that most of us truly desire peace, security, and the chance of a better life for the generations that will follow our own.

Trinity Fellowship Experience:

I returned to the U.S. in 2002, attempting to adjust to the world view from a different vantage point, while contemplating my next move. The Trinity Fellowship appealed to me primarily because of the unique collaboration among Milwaukee nonprofits, Marquette University, and scholars with a demonstrated commitment to service. I savored the notion of learning with a group of students with similar goals for the future and comparable past experiences. The prospect of graduating with an M.A. in Public Service, focusing on the nonprofit sector was also alluring. In the nonprofit realm, I knew I'd be most likely to make a socially rewarding and satisfying living.

My work in the music therapy department and with disability self-advocates at the Milwaukee Center For Independence (MCFI) presented numerous leadership and organizational opportunities. Exposure to many leadership styles and individual strengths in my workplace aided me in reflecting upon my core values, leadership assets and areas of continued development.

Nearing the end of my Trinity Fellowship, I've found that practical application of knowledge at nonprofit agencies, combined with the core Public Service curriculum constitutes a unique and indispensable skill set that is much desired in nonprofits and NGO's locally and worldwide. I plan to continue to develop and apply what I've learned as a Trinity Fellow in Milwaukee's nonprofit sector. It's been a pleasure to learn with and from some of the finest individuals I've ever known through this distinctive and worthwhile collaboration.

Current Position:

Consultant, Interfaith Waukesha

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