Susan Feliciano

Trinity Fellow Class of 2003

Graduate Program: MA, Public Service, Gerontology

Undergraduate Degree, Institution: Elementary Education, Morehead State

Trinity Nonprofit Agency: Interfaith Older Adult Programs, Neighborhood Development Coordinator

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:

Christian Appalachian Project, 2000-2001; Habitat for Humanity, 1999-2000

Service Experience:

Growing up on the family farm with eleven siblings, I quickly learned the importance of working together. This lesson also proved to be valuable when I joined the Youth Group at church and worked with others in service projects within the community. Though service was a large part of my life to this point, I took the plunge into full-time volunteer service in August 1997. My first Americorps experience was to travel through the mountains of Eastern Kentucky where I volunteered with the Christian Appalachian Project. I visited older adults in their homes and set them up with services to help them remain healthy and independent. My second Americorps experience led me to Americus, Georgia - the home of Habitat for Humanity. I worked on the construction crew and helped to build affordable homes with families in need of housing.

Trinity Fellowship Experience:

I entered the Trinity Fellows Program in August of 2001. Returning to school after being away from academia for ten years created a bit of nervous tension, which rapidly dissipated after the first semester. I learned to balance my academic workload and my work at Interfaith Older Adult Programs.

Though I forgot how rigorous academia can be, I was reminded why I enjoy the academic world so much. The classes, as well as the dialogue with professors and students, challenged me to think on a whole new level.

My work at Interfaith Older Adult Programs gave me a well-rounded experience in which my mentors helped to enhance my leadership skills and confidence. During the twenty-one months that I was with the agency, I worked as an interim neighborhood outreach director, helped to coordinate the Farmers' Market Nutrition Program, and examined the fundraising policies and practices of the neighborhood outreach program and the agency as a whole.

The combination of classes and work at a nonprofit agency makes the Trinity Fellows Program an incredibly enriching experience. I have been blessed in more ways than I can ever put into words!

Current Position:

Mental Health Practitioner, Nystrom & Associates, LTD

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